What You’re Really Thinking About Your Friend’s New Look

Being young is all about experimentation–with your life goals, the kind of boys you like, music, and especially you look. But when your BFF changes up her style, it isn’t always a hit. Here’s what to say when she show’s up flaunting a hot, heinous mess!

When It’s Still Just an Idea


She said: Hmmm yessss I do love Skrillex too but perhaps, you know, leave that half-shaved head thing to him? And to the girls who work at Hot Topic.










She meant: Note to self: break into her house and confiscate all the razors…and clippers she uses to groom the dog. The black hair dye is fine, but um . . . half hair is so not okay.









Her Makeup


She said: Winged liner and red lips? LOVE IT! Sooooo Taylor Swift!











She meant: Taylor manages to wear it without getting it everywhere. So far today it’s been on your teeth four times and after lunch you looked like you made out with a clown. Please stop.









Her Style


She said: Oh, those are vintage mom jorts. Cool, cool. And those high top Converse are your brother’s old ones, huh? Yeah. Neat. Very, um…on trend.








She meant: If Kristen Stewart can’t pull it off, neither can you. Let’s not forget that she’s got the ulitmate accessory that goes with any outfit: Robert Pattinson!










Her Hair

She said: Um, obsesssssed with your extensions! You look like a princess!












She meant: A princess on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Honey, please remember that long luscious hair isn’t a right…it’s a privilege.









Her Party Look 


She said: Yeah I’m so over the whole shiny-long-Prom-Dress thing too. But…a bandage dress? I know, I know, Kim K. makes them look great, but dancing all night–won’t that be kind of…uncomfortable?








She meant: Kim doesn’t dance, she just poses for pics and goes home. But go ahead, buy that sausage casing of a dress. I’d love to see how you slither in and out of a limo in two pairs Spanx…









Her New Body Art


She said: A dolphin! On your lower back! Of COURSE I love it. I mean it’s just so…um, well done! There’s like, no way you’ll get sick of it. Who gets sick of dolphins?!










She meant: OMG whyyyyy WHY BECKY! I’m starting the Get Becky’s Tattoo Removed Foundation tomorrow. And I’m telling her mom.







Have you hated a friend’s new look? What would you do if your friend showed up with a new look and it looked awful on her? Would you say something? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Roze

    I agree that most girls can rock an undercut better than that Skrillex loser can…..

  • Rai

    Wow, really gurl? As a goth girl with an undercut, the first one kind of offended me. My undercut is really cute, and it flatters me and my looks. Besides, usually when people put down undercuts, they dash that they “aren’t feminine”. Is such a feminist website really going to go around and say that shaved heads aren’t cute?

    And yeah, skrillix looks like a total dork, but most undercuts are really cute. Be a little more open-minded next time, m’kay?