Kesha Is Music’s New Face Of The Feminist Movement!

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Ke$ha may not have her own dollar like another famous feminist, but she’s got a dollar sign in her name! | Source: WENN

When you think of a famous feminist, a few strong ladies probably come to mind: Gloria Steinem, Susan B. Anthony, and … Kesha? You read that right. The glitter goddess is on a mission to bring equality to the sexes!

When she first broke out with “Tik Tok,” the Cannibal Queen came under a lot of fire for her free spirited, party girl persona–and whether or not you think brushing your teef with a bottle of Jack is dentally hygienic, she raises a pretty valid point about the whole thing: Guys sing about similar things all the time and no one even bats an eye at it.

“If men can talk about drinking in every awesome rock n’ roll song and every awesome rap song, why can’t a woman?” she sassed in a new interview. She also drew attention to the rampant slut shaming not just in music, but also in society, where the same things guys get high-fived for, women and girls get judged on. “Just because I drink doesn’t mean I’m a drunk,” she griped. “Just because I have sex and I’m not embarrassed doesn’t mean I’m a whore.”

As if we didn’t love her enough already, right? But wait! It gets better.

She flat out asks, “If men can do it, why can’t a woman do it?” And dude, she’s absolutely right. She’s making it her mission to point out the imbalances between guys and gals–and to even those out through her music and her activism.

Though Kesha may not have her face on her own dollar yet, the dollar sign diva is definitely onto something, and we applaud her for it. Whether or not you like her music or agree with her lifestyle, it’s unfair for women to be criticized for the same behavior for which men are usually rewarded. She explained, “I really feel one of my main reasons for being on this earth is to level out the playing field just a little bit.”

A big part of leveling the playing field means not being judged for playing the field. Props to Kesha for being vocal about it!

Do you think Kesha is a good feminist icon? Do you agree with Kesha about the double standards in society? How do you think we can end slut shaming? Tell us in the comments!

Watch Kesha kill it at the 2012 American Music Awards!

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  • Jaasiel

    I love Ke$ha.Normally,I don’t listen to the type of music she sings.She brought up what I always say,and what I have a problem with.Guys can sing about whatever they want,but if a girl does it,then she gets criticized.It’s so wrong.

  • Poppy

    I actually don’t like Ke$ha’s music very much (I also don’t like like listening to it when guys sing it either, don’t worry 😉 ) But she has a very good point. I don’t hate on her because I think it’s wrong, but I actually might like her music a little more now that I heard her say that. She has earned my respect. You go girl!