Watch Out Or Your Boyfriend Will Steal Your Leggings!

miley cyrus likes to wear leggings

She’d better watch out or Liam will steal those! | Source:

Ladies–guard your closets! Fashion reports are saying that more and more guys are starting to wear leggings, meaning that when a guy steals your heart, he could start angling to steal your cutest new leggings next!

Here at Gurl, we’re all for everybody wearing whatever they want, and since we know firsthand how comfy leggings really are, we’re not going to poo-poo any guy who wants to wear them. I mean, they’re easier to move around in than baggier pants, they’re pretty flattering on everybody, and they’re far more attractive than those saggy, baggy jeans that dudes used to wear. Remember seeing every dude’s underwear every day? Yeah, that period in fashion hell scarred us, too.

Besides, think of it this way–if he steals your leggings, he really can’t complain when you steal his perfectly broken in jeans, favorite hoodie, XBox, and half the food off his plate, right?! RIGHT.

Do you know guys who wear leggings? What do you think about this trend? Tell us in the comments!

Are Boys Allowed To Wear Leggings To School?

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  • Matt

    Living in Chicago, I like technical fabrics and wearing womens lululemon pant like wunder under, speed tights, toasty tech out in public under jeans make me feel great. I prefer size 12 but will wear size 10. I hope to start wearing the different patterns out under shorts and later migrate to describing them as run tights to battle what society says. I wear groove shorts in place of mens underwear because of the quality of fabric and seams is so much luxurious. I wear still, groove, relaxed, to sleep. I would buy more mens lululemon but the womens apparel is so much more affordable especially on Ebay and poshmark. I hope one day men can wear them in public

  • shadowmn

    I wanted something comfortable to wear around the house one day, so my wife gave me a pair of her black cotton leggings to try on. Holy crap, so comfortable! Since then, she has bought a couple of pairs for me and I have a few patterned ones that I lounge around and sleep in. I don’t think I’d ever wear them out in public, but damn I wish I could because they rock! My wife likes how my butt looks in them too! I highly recommend them for bumming around the house though…who gives a damn what you wear at home!

  • Bryan Garcia

    I stole my girlfriend’s 3 pair of leggings. She wanted hers back and bought me some. It’s amazing me and her wear the same size. I wear them all the time. They are super comfortable. Me and her wear them all time.

  • Mansoor

    i like to wear leggings

  • Rosario

    It’s nice to hear you support guys that also choose comfort in their choice of clothing. I wear leggings more then I do jeans and if I had it my way I would through out all my jeans and replace them with leggings. I was wearing leggings in the early 80’s before women starter wearing them casually.

  • me

    am a straight male and love wearing all legwear all the time I buy only ones that are for women because more styles and colors and very comfortable like the ones in my photo plus have more pictures no am not a crossdresser just enjoy the fashion look when taking pictures

  • Luke

    I cant get enough of them i really like to wear leggings around my house or to work out and i am a guy

  • Bill

    I love mine for comfort and wamth. I live in New England and during the winter, I wear them everywhere. As for the men whom yet to put them on…what’s keeping you? Go get some – I’ll guaranty you’ll love them!

    • sean

      Your Right? I do love them. I now have more then just one lululemon tights.

  • grafex

    I’ve been wearing leggings for years and I’m a guy. They are comfortable and fashionable.

  • Andy

    I just started wearing Lululemon Wunder Unders to my yoga classes. I can’t say enough about them. They are very comfortable and I look and feel great in them. I think some people would think you have to be gay, however I am a straight male and will stay that way. My wife doesn’t mind but I had to buy my own! So, I say more guys should should try them out and see for themselves.

    • James

      I bought a pair of Lululemon Wunder Unders on line and been wearing them to the gym and for errands around town. I find them super comfy and I love the fit. I know there are several men asking that Lululemon make Yoga tights for men. I don’t see the big deal in just wearing womens leggings.

  • Breezy

    Leggings?!?! This whole time i thought we were talking about skinny jeans.! Dang im really tired 😛

  • Jawanza

    um.. no..

  • Lucie

    I have a flatmate who wanders around wearing leggings alot. I think he mostly considers them to be his version of pjamas though!

  • Dess

    Flattering? Leggings are flattering on maybe 2 people, one of them being David Bowie. I’m all for guys looking as ridiculous as girls, but leggings aren’t pants!!! No one should wear them as such except in your home.