WTF: Two Teens Gave Out Urine Cupcakes At School

In news that will probably totally gross you out and maybe ruin your dinner (sorry, by the way), two teens apparently gave out urine cupcakes at their high school in Connecticut recently. Oh, you’ve never heard of urine cupcakes? They’re cupcakes made with your pee, obviously.

Don’t worry girls, this isn’t some sort of crazy new trend that’s happening at Crumbs or Sprinkles – I mean, can you imagine? This is just something two upperlcassmen girls from Fermi High School in Enfield, Connecticut thought up in some weird, immature and disgusting scheme to… you now what, I don’t even know what their reason was. It’s unclear if this was some sort of sick prank or just two bullies teaming up to be gross and stupid.

Even more stupid? These girls told someone, and because it’s high school, it spread and soon everyone knew and now they’re in trouble. I mean, how do you even tell someone that kind of thing? “OMG, you won’t believe what we did last night. We were bored so we decided to squat over a bowl of cupcake batter and pee into it.” If any of my friends ever told me that I would have to immediately reevaluate our friendship. I’m sorry, but that’s not okay. And even more not okay is actually giving people your freakin’ pee cupcakes. You are literally handing over a cupcake laced with your pee, smiling and then watching that person bite into it. I can’t… I can’t even. Just thinking about that makes me gag a little.

I just can’t understand what would make two girls do something like that – or what would make anyone do something like that, honestly. Why would you take an innocent, delicious cupcake and make it into something evil and yucky? What did cupcakes ever do to you? It’s disgusting, unsanitary, mean, disgusting, not funny and, oh yeah, disgusting. No one is going to look back at this joke and think, “What smart, hilarious girls!” They’re going to wonder what is wrong with these girls, because that is just so uncool I can’t even begin to talk about it.

Parents and students are obviously flipping out, because, you know, urine cupcakes were floating around their school. One parent said, “It sounds like something out of a movie. Like Mean Girls or something.” It does sound like something out of a movie, but not Mean Girls, because even Regina George wouldn’t stoop that low.

Not only are these girls facing possibly being expelled, but they also could be facing criminal charges. I wonder if they think those urine cupcakes were worth all this trouble. On a serious note: please never do something like this. Never, ever, ever. It’s gross, but it’s also dangerous. There’s a reason human pee isn’t bottled up and sold back to us at the food store and that’s because we aren’t supposed to share our bodily fluids and waste with others.

What do you think about this urine cupcake incident? Do you know anyone who has ever done something like this? What kind of punishment should these girls face? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Jared

    okay i went to that school when this happened and i almost ate one! SO glad i didnt and those girls got expelled and cannot attend another school in connecticut

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  • Anzari Nurulia

    it is not funny at all! obviously disgusting

  • Anonymous

    There was more than pee in those cupcakes

    • sakurasan99