I Can’t Believe She Said That

I went shopping with this new friend of mine a few weeks ago, and there was a really long line, so I offered to stand on line while she finished picking out some cute new socks. When she joined me in line, she asked what I was getting.

I showed her this adorable skirt I’d found, but instead of saying she liked it or anything, she just grabbed the tag and stared at it.

“Size TWO?! You’re a size TWO?!,” she said. “I don’t know if you know this about me, but I used to be anorexic, and even then I was a size 7!,” she continued, finally shouting, “God, I can’t believe you’re a size 2. That’s like, not right.”

What the hell? What’s not right is her trying to make me feel bad about the size I naturally am! It’s not like I’d been hiding my body in a garbage bag. Homegirl knows how big I am just from being around me–and it’s not that I’m really skinny, either. I’m way shorter than her. And um, why so much drama about my body size and her body size and whatever. Girlfriend needs to get a grip.

Has anybody ever tried to make you feel bad about your body shape–whether you’re big or not so big? Tell me about it in the comments!


Should You Worry About Your BF’s girl friends?

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  • Twilight_Love

    People like that honestly piss me off. People always make remarks about my body because I am 5”10 and pretty slim. Now, its totally a self-esteem boost when people tell me that I have the body that any fashion designer would love to work around but its FUDGING ridiculous when people ask me if I have a disorder or call me boney or shitaskimushroom like that! If you’d feel guilty about calling some one fat then how do you not feel guilty when you call someone too skinny??????!!!!!! Comments like that really kill my self-esteem. I have high metabalism so…..god

  • Emma Hanson

    I am constantly told by my family that I am fat. I’m 5″5 and I weigh 118 lbs. I have all these thin, slender, gorgeous friends, and then when I hang out with them I feel so fat! My brother makes fun of me for being fat and says, ” Emma, you need to lose some weight! Seriously, ew! You’re so fat!” And my mom says it in a nicer way, but it still hurts. I tried starving myself, but that didn’t really work. I tried a cleanse, that didn’t work either!
    Sorry for this rant… I needed to get my feelings out somehow.

  • girlgirl411

    I understand, I was a size 0 naturally. I couldn’t find a wedding gown and when I finally found a tailor, she made me pay her twice as much as everyone else just because she had to take it in a size smaller.

  • Breezy

    To me, weight doesnt matter much. Im 5’2 and weigh 130. My boyfriend is 5’6 and weighs like 115. Sure I think sometimes “Why do i weigh more than a guy?” but my weight is fine for me. Im not obese and im not a stick. Im averagely normal and healthy. My boyfriend is just naturally thin but he’s a healthy weight for him. Everyone is different and we need to realize and understand that 😀

  • Laura

    well, about two years ago, i’ve been told that i am fat indirectly a few times and i could see that people looked at me with disgust. i was about 128 lbs and it didn’t really bother me, but very soon i started to starve myself. it wasn’t on purpose, i didn’t really realize i’m starving myself. soon, i started to lose weight and i weighted 120 lbs. when i saw the number on the scales, i got really happy and got motivation to lose even more weight. i starved myself, felt guilty about it and tried to convince myself that i am perfect just the way i am. it didn’t work. i currently have an ED and i weight 105 lbs. people tell me i’m thin, but i don’t believe them. every time i look in the mirror all i see is fat.
    i know that i will get better one day. i believe in myself.
    also, i really hope that none of you will ever experience the same problem. remember that you are perfect just the way you are and you don’t have to change yourself for other people. xxxxx

    • nina

      honey please remember this
      You are beautiful no matter what! and you know what i’m 136 lb and i feel fine. some of my friends are 140-150 and they look beautiful.
      SO EAT!
      don’t stare yourself because you are gorgeous!
      love yourself and be proud of yourself because being thin doesn’t mean you are pretty or most importantly kindhearted, honest, caring and just- the only words i can find are beautiful!
      so be happy girl!

  • Doll

    She still seems to have some body issues…but I hope you’re fine with it too…honestly, it does get pretty annoying being skinny sometimes, because for some odd reason everyone just like to think small sized girls are all anorexic or bulemic. I once had my own teacher confront my parents and tell them that I might have an anorexia problem. Her basis for that accusation was that I was skinny :/ …it really isn’t like we asked to be skinny, it just happens that we are. derp.

  • Paulette

    Honestly, I get that a lot when i go shopping. I think that girl should have minded her business. Who cares if she used to be anorexic and still a size 7. She’s just jealous and wants some way to deal by talking to you like that. I would have faked a smile and said good for you:)

  • Victoria

    I used to be anorexic and dropped down to a size 0, now I have given myself a bit more of food (AND BELIEVE ME. IT HAS BEEN DIFFICULT) and now I am a size 2. I am 5’7 (I know, I am kinda tall) and have thick bones. And guess what? People still call me fat. Even when I was a size zero, in a unhealthy weight, and I was very sick and feeble. But with all of this I have learnt to NOT let people bring you down for your weight. If they wont judge you for who you TRULY are, then they are not worth it.

  • Lindsey

    That really isn’t rude or shocking. In case you haven’t noticed, girls say stuff like that all the time. She didn’t mean anything offensive, she’s just jealous. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a stupid thing to say; it is. Get used to it.

    The people on this website overreact constantly. Honestly, why don’t we see things in a less opinionated light once in awhile please.

    • DaynaMarie

      “That’s like, not right.”

      Any time someone comments that another person’s body is “not right,” whether it is because the other person is in their opinion too large, too small, or anything else, they are being rude.

  • Jasmyne

    Sounds like she’s jealous to me, honestly.
    It wasn’t that big of a deal for her to act like that.