Seriously, Though – 3 Reasons I Feel Kind Of Bad For Lindsay Lohan

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When I was in high school, I was a huge Lindsay Lohan fan. I loved her in her older movies like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, and I really loved her in Mean Girls. She was my girl crush – she was pretty, about to become a superstar and had famous friends. Her life seemed awesome and I wanted to be her BFF.

And then things just went downhill. I can’t remember when exactly LiLo started sliding off the deep end, but things have been bad for a while now. I’ve heard the phrase “Linday Lohan facing jail time” more times than I can count. I think that says it all – and I think you all know her long and dramatic story. And now it looks like things have gotten even worse for LiLo. Her Lifetime movie special Liz And Dick premiered last night, and if you have a Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen the terrible reviews. Critics and viewers are ripping apart Lindsay and anyone else involved in the movie. As for me? I couldn’t even get past the first ten minutes before I had to turn it off. 

I mean, what happened to Lindsay?! She used to be such a good actress. In Liz And Dick, she had no personality and seemed like she wasn’t even all there. I’m bummed that she couldn’t give a stellar performance. And what makes me feel really bad for Linds is that she’s supposedly “devastated” by the reviews. A source close to her told the Huffington Post that Linds is “used to all the negative press around her personal life but this is the first time she has experienced it about her work. No matter how bad things were going for her personally, everyone would always agree that she was a great actress.”

Honestly? I feel really, really bad for Lindsay Lohan right now. I’m sure you’re probably shaking your head and wondering why I would feel sorry for her – after all, Lindsay is one of the most hated on celebs out there right now. I mean, when do you read an article about her that isn’t full of scathing insults, sarcasm and the words “jail” or “police”? And now her seemingly last ditch effort at getting a good movie out there to show the world she’s still talented was a huge fail.

It seems like everyone looks at Lindsay and only sees the word “trainwreck” plastered on her forehead. And yes, she has definitely done things to deserve that. But at the same time, I think Lindsay has a pretty sad life. I can’t help it – here are three reasons I want to give the girl a hug:


Her family stinks. 

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Lindsay has two of the worst parents a person could have. I’m not trying to judge anyone (even though I sort of am) but I’ve heard enough about these two to feel like I’m sort of right. Her mom enables her drinking and drug use, along with her partying – Even though LiLo has attempted rehab multiple times and it’s obvious she shouldn’t be in a party atmosphere, her mom is continuously photographed there with her. Who are you supposed to depend on to help you through hard times if you can’t depend on your mom? And don’t even get me started on her dad – I just watched Michael Lohan find out he has a teen daughter on live television. Not to mention all of the many, many times he’s used his daughter to get in the spotlight. How could Linds possibly be okay with parents like this?


She’s insulted constantly and everything she does is considered a joke. 

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There are very few celebs out there who get put down more than Lindsay Lohan. Again, I’m not saying she hasn’t done anything to deserve this – she’s stolen things, repeatedly violates probation and made the U.S. justice system look ridiculous, she’s acted like a total diva and many more things – but still. It sucks to be constantly made fun of and insulted, no matter what you’ve done in your past. I’m sure it’s even worse when the whole world is ready to make fun of your every move. I mean, the second it was announced that Lindsay would play Elizabeth Taylor in Liz And Dick, people were already calling the movie bad – before it even started filming! I know she always lets us down (I had high hopes for her most recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig, only it turned out pretty awful), but still.


She just seems really lost and very unhappy.

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When was the last time you saw Lindsay Lohan actually looking happy? She just seems so lost and sad all the time. Whenever I see her on the red carpet, her smile seems forced. Maybe you can call her bad behavior (the drinking, drugs, partying, stealing, reputation) just that of a spoiled brat, but I think Lindsay genuinely has some issues she needs to work out. Just look at her Twitter – she’s always tweeting out to random celebrities, asking them to hang out, or even begging shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Saturday Night Live to have her on. It’s just sad and pathetic to watch. I feel like she needs a friend – a friend who can put up with a lot.

Listen, I know Lindsay Lohan is a terrible role model and I know she makes really stupid decisions. But no one likes to be constantly made fun of, whether you’re a celebrity or not. She obviously needs to step out of the spotlight and work on herself. But until then, I think everyone should stop using Lindsay as an easy target. Maybe we’ve all run out of chances to give her, but can we at least give her a break?

Do you ever feel bad for Lindsay Lohan? Do you think she brought all of this on herself? Are you sick of hearing about her? Did you watch Liz And Dick last night? Tell us in the comments!


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  • boomtiing_ox

    I agree with this too. I used to love Lohan back then and I guess I still do now because I really do feel sorry for her eventhough she’s done some really dumb stuff. Your right – she needs serious help and if you can’t even have your parent(s) to support you then what hope do you have really? I hope she sorts herself out one day and become the Lindsay we knew and loved before it’s too late. Usuaully the end result of this behaviour is death..

  • Nia

    I feel like even this was a bit harsh on her. I love Lindsay. I don’t think she’s pathetic or a bad person or anything like that and I don’t think she deserves anything near the amount of hatred and negativity that she receives. She hasn’t done anything that has hurt other people. The worst thing that I feel like she’s really done is maybe at times she has had sort of a diva attitude, but people who judge her really can’t place themselves in her shoes. She has a lot of problems and they are all broadcast for the entire world to see. I do feel bad for her.

  • ZoZo

    I really agree with this. I really hoped Liz and Dick would be a success, and it’s depressing that it’s not. The thing with celebrities is that people forget they are real people too. Regular people wouldn’t treat someone with these issues like that if they were just a normal person. Of course they’d disapprove, but they’d all try to fix her and whatnot instead of making her a laughingstock. What’s up with that? I mean, of course she’s kind of putting herself out there, but really? It’s a whole new level of cruelty.