A Super Gross Beauty Trick That Really Works!

oily skin beauty trick

Those blotting sheet are spendy! | Source: Shutterstock

If you’ve got oily skin, or even if you just get oily in your T-zone, you’ve probably used blotting papers to help nix the shine on your nose once in a while (Rudolph’s shiny nose is cute–yours, not so much).

The problem with those blotting papers is that they can get really expensive really fast. At around $5 a pop, you could be spending over $100 just to blot your face every year. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend that $100 on a trip to Disneyland or a couple new outfits.

So, how can you beat the shine without spending a fortune? Easy! Turns out, those face blotting sheets are made of the same thing as toilet seat covers in public bathrooms! I know it sounds gross, because, um, they come from the bathroom–but hear me out. If you’re out at the mall or a show or really wherever, just grab a toilet seat cover and blot your face with it.

You’ll be shine-free (and no more poorer!) instantly.

Have you ever used toilet seat covers to blot oil from your face? What other weird beauty tips do you know? Share them in the comments!

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  • NorthStarSea

    It’s also the same as the paper they use on examination tables for checkups in Doctor’s offices. Also, when my mother was in a chem class or something, they did a class project where people took swabs of places they thought would have lots of germs, then grew those germs in a petri dish. The ones from toilets had the least amount of germs, and those weren’t particularly dangerous. The one that took the cake was the guy who swabbed his cell phone key pad. So it’s actually quite sanitary!

  • missprettybaby96

    I’ve read about the toilet seat covers in an article in InStyle [magazine]. I can honestly say that I’ve used them and the results are ga-reat!

    Some tips I remember off the top of my head (they’re from magazines):
    1) Heat your eyelash curler with a hair blow dryer for about 10 seconds for added volume to your lashes.
    2) Mix equal parts baby powder and baking soda for a dry shampoo when you need it. Sprinkle it in your hair and comb it around with your hands in a ‘shaky’ motion, then brush your hair (with a brush, not your hands).
    3) Reduce puffy eyes by splashing with cold water or applying a cold compress (ice cubes in a washcloth): 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off.
    4) Mix 2 tbsp honey and 2 tbsp brown sugar together and rub on lips leave on a few seconds then wipe off with a washcloth (wet with warm water first). Takes of the chapped skin on lips for softer, smoother lips.
    5) Help perfume last longer by dabbing petroleum jelly onto pulse points before spraying on fragrance. (Perfume evaporates faster from dry skin.) And don’t forget to spritz ankles and behind your knees—scent rises.
    6) I’ve heard that hemorrhoid cream helps with puffiness around the eyes?? I’ve never tried it, though. The thought of putting something that is applied to your butt is unappealing to me…

    • jjlee

      THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!!!! Thankss! I tried some, and they totally worked!

  • Gabby

    Actually the blotting papers at Sephora are $7 and theres 100sheets in a pack. They also put vitamins back in your face. Idk about toilet paper covers but those ^^ are worth it!

  • jenny

    100 dollars can buy you like 5 shacks at Disney land