Facebook Or Sex? One Study Tells Us Which We Like More

Facebook or Sex

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BREAKING NEWS: A study just came out that said that we as humans tend to enjoy sex more than Facebook. I mean, who knew that we would like actual, physical interaction more than the cold online kind?

Um, everyone. At least, I hope everyone. I love a good Facebook stalk sesh as much as anyone else (let’s face it, whether it’s creepy or not, it’s fun), but I have to say that I don’t like it more than, you know, actually being with my boyfriend. And if there are people out there who would rather stare at their computer screen then get it on, then I truly and honestly feel bad for them. There is nothing wrong with not having sex – that’s your choice. But I would hope that in general, people enjoy actual human interaction more than being online.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering why this was even a study to begin with. It seems like a pretty obvious conclusion, right? But it turns out it wasn’t. A few weeks ago, a study came out that said that Facebook is just as tempting as cigarettes and sex. That’s pretty crazy, considering that cigarettes are extremely addicting and sex is… well, sex. At the same time, I’m not super surprised by that. Facebook is super tempting. Who can resist the urge to check their Newsfeed at least once a day? And by once a day, I mean once an hour.

But just because Facebook is really tempting doesn’t mean we like it more than we like sex, and now we can say that that has been proven. This more recent study by the University of Canterbury in New Zealand shows that. The researchers gave a group of people a list of 20 things and had them ranked from most enjoyable to least enjoyable. Topping the list of most enjoyable was, you guessed it, sex. Doing the dirty deed won out over drinking alcohol, listening to music, socializing, shopping and more.

Ready for a surprise? Facebook didn’t even place on the top-ranked activities list. In fact, it made number two on the worst-ranked list, right after recovering from a sickness, ranked as less enjoyable than studying, working, cleaning and even commuting.

You know what I think, guys? I think we’re all getting just a little bit sick of Facebook. Maybe too much of a good thing is just too much. Facebook has been a major part of our lives for a long time. While I can’t imagine myself living without it, I honestly wish that I could deactivate my account. Sometimes it’s just more trouble than it’s worth! Think about how many fights you’ve gotten into with friends or boyfriend/girlfriend over things that have happened on Facebook. Think about how many fights have been started on Facebook. Don’t you sometimes just wish it would go away?

So please keep making your sex life (or social life) more important than your Facebook life. You can make things look as wonderful as you’d like online – but at the end of the day, what really matters is what you’re actually doing once your off the computer.

Do you like sex or Facebook better? How important is Facebook to you? Do you wish you could deactivate your account? Tell me in the comments!


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