Reader Hookup Confession: My First Kiss Was The Worst!

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Okay, so freshmen year, my first boyfriend ever and I started dating. We’d been together for about two weeks when he started nagging me to kiss him. I was a kissing virgin, and he was the type of guy to get a new girlfriend every week. Every time he tried to make a move and kiss me, I would reject him. I had never kissed anyone before, so I was definitely scared.

One day, he was walking me to class when he started walking away from me. I thought he was just going to his class, but NO, he turned around, grabbed my shoulders and kissed me. It felt like he was breathing in my mouth even though our lips were closed. His breath was so terrible that I gagged. He had licked his lips before we kissed, so when it was over, I had a string of saliva on my mouth as we pulled apart. It was the worst!

We kissed a couple of times after that, but I broke up with him two weeks later. He was gross, and I just wanted the whole kissing thing to be over with.

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  • KryptoniteAngel

    lol that is a terrible kiss… My boyfriend’s breath makes me gag ALOT when im not horny anyway lol But I’m pregnant so I notice absolutely everything! Sucks for him because kissing makes me extremely horny lol