Funny Videos To Battle Back-To-School Blues

The final night of school vacation (okay or even nearly every Sunday night) can sometimes feel like there’s this sort of black cloud hanging over it. Your alarm is just waiting to go back off wayyyyy too early — Goodbye sleeping in! Until next Saturday…)

Hey, we’ve all been there. In the back of your mind, you know once you get back to school, it really won’t be all that bad. You’ll quickly get back into the groove of classes (you’re a superstar!) and it’ll be nice to catch up with all your friends. Still, tonight can be a little bittersweet, but to make sure you’re spending your final night of freedom smiling rather than moping around, we’ve put together ten random (and yeah, they’re pretty darn random) funny videos to hopefully give you a laugh. So put on a few, maybe paint your nails and just enjoy these final hours of relaxation…

(*unless you are a procrastination queen like me haven’t started a project that’s due tomorrow. Then you should probably go do that. But then watch these videos after as a treat!).
Because we love Jennifer Lawrence and this story is just too weird:

Yes, there was a time when even journalists didn’t get “Internet” (p.s. love Katie Couric):

Figure skating meets retro gaming:

Snow days are awesome and SHOULD have a song. I also love how this guy never breaks eye contact:

Babies are often pretty funny, but I seriously can’t stop laughing with this lil guy:

Yes, this is technically a song for children, but that doesn’t mean I love this video any less. And now I will sing it every day at dinner:

Guys, this happened at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards. Golden Girls. Clueless. Mind blown.

It’s always good to take a laugh at ourselves (especially with Jimmy Fallon #hesawesome):

This is so my dog. But also probably me on my days off (thanks to HuffPost for the tip):

Feminists love laughing (We can take jokes! Plus this is just so over the top):

Did any (all?) of these videos make your back-to-school blues disappear? Let us know in the comments!

“What If The Batman Trilogy Was Really A Teen Movie Called Gotham High?”

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