How Much Vaginal Discharge Is Normal?

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How much vaginal discharge is normal?

ChickRx expert Dr. Diana Hoppe, Ob/Gyn and Sexual Health Expert says:

The amount of vaginal discharge that is “normal” varies. Like anything that goes on with your body, “normal” changes from person to person.

Also, with vaginal discharge, what’s normal for you will vary depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. Right after your period, there probably won’t be much discharge. At mid-cycle, around 14 days from the first day of your period, there may be quite a bit of thin, string-like, egg-white textured discharge. This is right around when you’re ovulating, which is when your egg is released.

At around day 21, the discharge will become thicker and less in amount. It will be white and mucusy. And then around day 28, you’ll get your period which should be bright to deep red discharge that can be thin or thicker and will likely have some clots.

Vaginal discharge is totally normal and means that your vagina is healthy. If you notice, I didn’t focus on amount of discharge above, but color and consistency. That’s what you should be focusing on when it comes to discharge and wondering if it’s “normal” or not.

If any discharge you have seems off color, has a funky smell or feels different that your typical vaginal discharge, head on over to a doctor. Chances are it’s not a big deal and if it is something, it can be fixed pretty easily. Going to a doctor when in doubt is always a good idea.

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  • Anita

    I have 2 kids and I never have sex more than 13yrs and not even maturbed coz I dont have any feelings. But last 9 months I had sex for the 1st time and last 4 months was my second time.

    Honestly I have feelings towards my partner and no intend to have sex with others beside then him. Any posibility its due to the reason of sex or am having a problem. I hate hairy therefore I shave every two days. It’s in white color at time milky but no uneasy smell but I myself get very uneasy.

  • girl

    I get like, alot of discharge all month long. Im 15 and Ive been getting ym period for about two years. like the consitency is normal but it happens like 20 days out of the month cycle is this normal? because wearing a liner all the time is annoying. :/

  • noor

    i am 13 yrs old and my vagina has a discharge and i dont have my period does this mean it’s coming soon ?? ๐Ÿ™

    • Jess

      Omg I’m 12 and that’s happening to me too

    • Anisa

      I am 12 and I have sum thickish gooey white dicharge and im worried. I dont have my period yet! It hapenes most mornings. Ummm I dunno if it is becoz I mastebate ummm n otha stuf ๐Ÿ™

      • angelina

        Anisa you say you masturbate. Are you sexually active too? Like do you have a bf who you fuck regularly? Does he use a condom when he fucks you?
        So is this discharge present all the time or is it just when you wake up in the morning? does it make your vagina itchy? does it smell bad?
        Masturbation is perfectly okay. Dont feel guilty. It should not cause a discharge. Do you use things to insert into your vagina when you masturbate, like toys and things? Please make sure you thoroughly clean those things you use in your vagina, if you do use them.
        If none of those things are involved then the discharge is perfectly normal and perhaps a sign that you will be starting your period soon.
        Now if you are sexually active, please make sure your bf wears a condom. If you are getting to that stage when your periods are about to begin and if your bf cums inside you then you could fall pregnant. So take care. Sex is normal and very enjoyable. Just make sure you take precautions and be safe from STDs and pregnancy.

        • anisa

          ummm yeah, umm i been haven sex. ๐Ÿ™
          is ths becoz I amhaven sex? is it bad? but he say i am safe n dont botha bout preg becoz i dont have period yet.

  • tymaine-tylisha

    I have pcos and I went to my gyn/ob (he was a man) because I had never had a period in my life(i’m now 30 years old)so I went to go get help because of this and my boobs are small and my nipples never bloomed. He gave me medicine but it only worked for a little while and I told him this and he said he couldn’t help me no longer. I was looking for someone to help me solve this problem I desperately needed/wanted. So one day my sister told me about this other gyn/ob (she was a woman) and she told me that she herd that she was very good. We looked her up on the internet, called to make an appt I went and told her my story had to take some tests went back for another appt and she told me that everything was normal and that she would put me on birth control. Been taking it every since my appt and its been working for me, I had my period yesterday(11/26/12) I have been feeling cramps, not bad breast tenderness, and etc. I am very excited because I missed this experience all of these years. I feel like a woman now! Not only did God do this for me but he used her to do this for me and allowed her to take time out for me because most docs see me only just for about 5 minutes or less while I wait in the waiting room to see them. So in all of this, when I read This article, I was excited to read it and know that I was experiencing the same thing ๐Ÿ˜‰