How To Love Being The Third Wheel

Your bestie’s all coupled up, and you’re not–but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hang out with her and her boyfriend this weekend (or any other time!). Sure, being the third wheel can seem awkward, but there are plenty of reasons to love hanging out with your favorite couple.

Here are three reasons why it rocks to be the third wheel:

1. They’re Dying To See You
Your bestie and her boo see each other a ton or probably at least talk to each other every day, so having you around will be like a super awesome breath of fresh air. Tell them about all the cool stuff you’ve been up to. They want to know everything!

2. They’ll Remind You How Much You Love Being Single
She wants to see that cool new documentary, but he wants to see the comedy. She wants to sit close in the theater, but he wants to sit in the back. Sure, they cuddle and get all cutesy too, but remember how many compromises they both have to make to make it work. Isn’t it amazing to be single?!

3. It’s Like Having A Wing-Girl AND A Wing-Man!
If you are looking for someone smoochable (which by no means do you need to be!), going out with a couple is one of the best ways to meet someone. When people see gorgeous little you and no gorgeous partner on your arm, they’ll want to fill that void, pronto. Leave it to your favorite couple to talk you up and make this new hottie putty in your hands.

4. You Have The Best Screeners For Your Next Boo
Sure they help you meet a hottie, but when it comes to serious dating, your couple friends can get really protective over you. Part of it might be selfish…they’re feeling your newbie out for double dates! But a second (and third) opinion can be a great thing. Sure, this can get annoying or stressful when it comes to those first intros, but having two people who only want the best for you could help you make better decisions when you’re coupling up next.

5. You save money
Sometimes doing things with two other people is way cheaper (and better). For example, dim sum for one? Meh. Dim sum for two? Better. Dim sum for three? Awesome! You get to try everything on the menu and only pay for a third of it! And sharing gas costs with two people instead of by yourself…well, that’s beaucoup bucks in your pocket. Same thing for a parking pass at school or even going in on a birthday gift for another friend. Trios can have some pretty budget-friendly upsides!

Have you ever been the third wheel? Do you like hanging out with couples when you’re on your own, or is it awkward for you? Tell us in the comments!

Being Single Doesn’t Have To Suck

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  • Jessica

    In my experience being a third wheel is pretty awesome. I met a friend at work and we became really good friends, and then he introduced me to his wife. I thought at first it was gonna be weird because i didn’t know anything about her, but it totally wasn’t! the fact that we had him in common made our friendship grow more and more. Now its like her and myself were friends before him and I. We all get along super well and hang out alot together. He gets upset sometimes because her and I have become the Best of friends and he’s starting to feel left out even tho we both love em to death. but..Don’t get me wrong their are those awkward moments, but for the sake our friendships they keep the PDA down when were together. I think having friends who are in relationship is a good thing. its help me look forward more to the future with a new potential boyfriend. both of them are great for advice for when it comes to meeting my next special some one, even tho i know their both gonna have to approve of him first lol

    yes being a third wheel can be a drag at times, but look at the positives more than the negatives. <3

  • Kateemley

    I actually have to disagree with this. Being the third wheeel, at least in my situation was one of the worst experiences of my life. Last year, my two best friends started to date. I was so happy for them! We always used to hang out by ourselves when they werent dating and we continued to do so when they began. But they started to kiss and make out in front of me. I was super uncomfortable about it because I would just have to sit there and wait until they finished. But I didnt do anythinf because they hadnt told their parents (they were both girls and didnt feel comfortable telling their parents yet) and I thought I was doinf them a favor sibce they didnt get much actual alone. But, as their physical intimacy progressed, they still did it in front of me. It was awful. I just sat there, not knowing what to do. Thy were my beat friends and it seemed like I didnt have any other friends at the time. One day, I finally snapped. After an awful year of this, I yelled at one of them over facebook. She told me they wouldnt change for me, so I made the decision to never hang out with just the two of them again. It was one of the best decisions of my life. This is why I have to disagree with this, because no matter what advantages there seem to be, I feel like when they are a couple they will always leave you out of things and make you feel uncomfortable. 

  • Lentil soup

    Well, i think all these reasons are exaggerated. Way. It’s still gonna be awkward.