Comments Of The Week: We Are Thankful For YOU

Thanksgiving might be over, but we’re still super stuffed from turkey and pie and potatoes and well, everything. AND we’re going back for more right now. Just because there’s no more room for leftovers in the fridge doesn’t mean we don’t have any thanks left to give! We want you all to know how totally thankful we are for each and every one of you – our amazing readers and commenters! Reading your feedback in the comments makes us work harder (and love you harder) than you could possibly know.

We’re thankful when you share how you can personally relate to a post…

From “My BFF Is Bullying Someone. What Should I Do?!”

From “Confession: I Was The Other Woman”

From “Why You Probably Shouldn’t Eat Chocolate For Breakfast”

We’re thankful when you call us out (we need to hear it!)…

From “Survey: What Are You Thankful For?”

From “5 Reasons Feminism is Totally Awesome”

And of course, we are thankful when you tell us you love the site (honestly, that’s why we do this!)

From “15 Ways To Dress Like Bella Swan From Every Twilight Movie”

From “Pawsome: Watch Kittens Watching Tennis”

From “Disney Says I’m A Princess So I Rule The World Now Obviously”

P.S. It was so freaking awesome to hear from some of you that is the website you are most thankful for in our “What Are You Thankful For?” survey. Gold stars all around!

Think there was a great comment this week from one of you that we missed here? Tell me in the comments!

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