What Is A Vegan, Anyway? And What Does A Vegan Eat?

Lea Michele is a vegan

Lea Michele is one of our super fave vegans! | Source: WENN.com

It’s the final countdown to Thanksgiving, and you’ve just found out that your favorite cousin, the one who went away to art school, has become a vegan. Obviously that means she won’t be eating turkey with everyone else at the table, but um, what is a vegan anyway, and what does a vegan eat? If you’re asking these questions, you are totally not alone in your confusion, girl.

Since more and more people keep going vegan every year, it’s good to know what’s what when it comes to eating green (although they eat more than just foods that are green!). I asked my vegan friend Danielle–the awesome chica who creates all our videos here at Gurl!–to explain what a vegan was to me, and she just said, “A vegan is someone awesome!” I’ll agree with her, but I think there’s a lot more to it than that. Here are all the facts about what it means to be a vegan:

* Vegans don’t eat anything that came from an animal. That means no red meat, no poultry, no pork, no fish, no eggs, no milk. If it came from an animal, they don’t want it.

* Lots of vegans choose to be vegan because they believe in the humane treatment of animals and disagree with seeing other living creatures as food.

* Being vegan doesn’t just you have to live on broccoli alone (although broccoli is delicious!). There are vegan tacos, vegan burgers, and even vegan cupcakes!

* Not all vegans are preachy or judgmental of other people who don’t choose their lifestyle. Some groups have given vegans the reputation of being pushy, angry people–but from the vegans I know, that’s usually not the case.

* Vegans can get plenty of protein, iron, and all the other nutrients they need from eating a varied diet of grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, and beans.

* Lea Michele, Olivia Wilde, Ellen DeGeneres, and Emily Deschanel are all vegans!

Have you ever thought about going vegan or do you have any vegan friends? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Alexz

    I reeeeeally wish I had the willpower to become a vegetarian! I’ve recently written an argumentation-persuasion essay about why people should become vegetarians.

    It’s just very hard for me to do with all the running around I encounter daily. Anybody have any tips on how to make the change easier and smoother?
    Thank you!! “)

  • Phoebe

    Vegan for life! 🙂

  • Rosa

    I became an ovo-lacto vegetarian a couple of months because I was concerned about animals and also found it to be a benefit for my health. One of my biggest inspirations to continue my journey was Lea Michele, who not only stands up for animals in her animal activists commercials for PETA but also manages to live a healthy meatless life. I have to say that becoming a vegetarian was one of the best choices of my life. It makes me feel healthy and energized. I plan on continueing my journey to eventually become a vegan, but at a steady rate of giving up certain things at a time. That being said, I always feel like vegans and vegetarians are constantly seen as demanding critics by other people who are not vegetarians or vegans. It’s a shame because that isn’t always the case for all non meat eaters. For example, even though being a vegetarian is my life choice, I never look down on my friends or pressure them to give up meat. It’s their choice, not mine. I recommend anyone who is curious about a vegetarian or vegan life to research reliable websites like vegweb. That’s where you can get true facts about a vegetarian/ vegan life style

  • Rose

    My friend who I’ve known since preschool has been vegan for a while….on my other friends birthday while everyone else got brownies she got a special vegan treat…it looked so good….but im curious to how they are made….arent eggs an important ingredient?

  • Carbivore

    I mean I respect it and all but creatures are instinctively made to eat eachother. It’s all competition, and eating like that is like a big eff you to humanity. But I do appreciate the commitment it takes to be one. I could never do that.

    • Indigo

      Exactly. Humans are meant to be omnivores and eat meat as well as vegetables. But now humans have taken control of animals and are raising them to be slaughtered, which is just wrong. That said, I’m not vegetarian or vegan because I could never give up meat and milk, and that’s what we were meant to eat anyway.

      • Rose

        I am nt vegan or vegetarian mainly because of meat milk and cheese and such make me sick to my stomach so I don’t eat it as often anyway…

  • Miaw

    I’m vegan 😀

  • Kristen

    Vegan cupcakes are amazing!