Thanks-GIF-ing: My Family Thanksgiving Dinner In GIFs

I feel like I have a pretty expressive face, and never does my face get more of a workout than when it must respond to the various hilarious/ridiculous/maddening things that my family constantly says and does. Naturally, Thanksgiving dinner is a goldmine for such reactions. I’m not going to go all docu-drama on everyone and snap a picture of every reaction I have on Thanksgiving, but having experienced many of these holiday dinners before, I have a pretty solid handle on how it will play out. Let me show it to you in an exclusive presentation of “My Family Thanks-GIF-ing.”

Begin (minimum) six-hour car trip to Vermont at six a.m. There probably will not be sun yet. There will be my little cousins cramped in the back with me. There will be traffic. I will be tired:

Finally we arrive, and my dog will be the first family member to greet me:

I go sit in the living room with my dad, who like many parents, enjoys dispensing well-meaning career and life advice. I take it in stride:

We’re not a big hugging family, but I really make an effort when I say hi to my brothers:

A football is being thrown around my living room and making me stressed out about our household electronics:

I remove myself from the stress and try to help my mom in the kitchen:

The opposite of helpful. But my mom is awesome, so she forgives me and suggests we should go get manicures on Saturday:

I then mostly hang out the rest of the afternoon until Thanksgiving dinner is served, which is when I get all kinds of giddy:

Conversation begins. Someone asks me what my boyfriend is doing for Thanksgiving today. I’ve always been super awkward about talking about the BF with my family, and five years later, I don’t want anyone sneaking in any pressure-y commitment questions. So you know, I just play it casual:

Besides I am focused on the fact that out of the corner of my eye, I can see my brother reaching for the last [insert any possible food item here] and that is simply not okay with me:

Crisis averted. A large part of the dinner conversation now is all about me because I am a) the oldest, b) the only girl, and c) the one who has not been home in the longest:

Yet somehow after we eat, I’m always the only one who got stuck doing dishes while the brothers watch more television:

My mom starts describing the dessert options. They sound good, but this is THE day for eating, and so I may have expected everything under the sun:

But dessert was still amazing, though as I sit there yawning, I realize this holiday will not come around again for another 365 days:

With a kinda sad heart, I fall into a deep, food-fueled sleep. When I wake up on Friday, for a moment I think I missed my 4 a.m. work shift at the mall. Then I remember I haven’t worked there in two years:

And as I head back to sleep, I’m seriously very thankful that I have such a wonderful, lovely, funny family not just on Thanksgiving, but all year round.


What sorts of reactions did you have at your Thanksgiving dinner? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Maia

    OMG, that last GIF had my laughin my butt off! XD

  • Alison Melissa

    My thanksGIFing is just like that but my dog tries to chew on an animatronic cat. It’s sad really