How To Get A Frog (Or Me) Really Pissed Off

Have you ever had to deal with someone who was just really and truly a jerk? Someone who didn’t appreciate you or who acted like the things you needed simply didn’t matter? Someone who would promise you nice things, but then turn around and not give them to you . . . without even apologizing? I think we’ve all had friends, teachers, or even bratty little brothers who’ve acted this way. And I’m sure you’re still pissed off at them.

Now think about how fun it would be to give that person what they had coming to them. Oh yeah. It would feel amazing. And they’d never ever expect it from you–you who they’re used to bullying without any repercussions at all.

This little frog was pissed off and got his revenge. I think you’ll love it.

Can you relate to the pissed off frog? Tell me why in the comments!

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  • lissy

    That’s me when I can’t do something 😀

  • Alison Melissa

    SO CUTE!

  • Nia