Black Friday And Cyber Monday Are For Holiday Shopping–For Ourselves!

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All these holiday shopping fiends at the mall before dawn on Black Friday? They’re also shopping for themselves! | Source: ShutterStock

Black Friday is around the corner! While it traditionally meas the official start of holiday shopping, for a lot of us it means buying gifts not necessarily for our families or BFFs–but for ourselves!

The average person spends a good $140 on self-gifting during the holiday season (and that’s just the 59 percent of us who admit it). It’s not just because we see a lot of stuff we want, but also because of all the Black Friday steals. When something is cheap, even if we didn’t necessarily want it before, we often buy it just because we can afford it and it’s there. Think about it: How often do you use that lime green clutch or those rainbow zebra striped pumps? But they were on sale!

Another appeal stores like to use? By telling shoppers something is there for a limited time only, especially on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday!), stores are pretty much telling you: Get it now before it’s gone. And guess what? We usually get it.

Plus, since holiday shopping is usually a bit of a chore, when you’re braving a crowded mall at 5 AM and see a sale on something fancy, you may splurge because you feel like you deserve it. (You do deserve the best, but be smart about your budget!) In fact, a lot of stores actually support this theory, offering shoppers to “treat themselves” to sales on things like cozy slippers and PJs, makeup, and other “for you” stuff.

To avoid breaking your bank on Black Friday, be aware of the temptations and prepare to deal with them. Make a list before you go of what you want to get and for whom (and if you don’t have a specific idea, jot down general ones about the person–her fave colors or band, where she usually shops). Another good idea? If you have a credit card, leave it home and use cash only–you’ll be much more aware of how fast and where your money is going if you physically see it leaving your hands and lightening your wallet load.

And if you’re tempted to splurge on something you didn’t plan on buying, ask yourself: Would I buy this right now if it were $50 more? Or if I knew it’d still be here next week? It’s fine to treat yourself–you’re wonderful!–but you’ll be a lot less stressed out this holiday season if you’re not broke. And believe us, all those Black Friday “bargains” add up very quickly.

Are you going shopping on Black Friday? Where do you find the best Black Friday deals? Are you more of a Cyber Monday shopper? Who’s on your holiday shopping list this year? Tell us in the comments!

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