Attack Of The Killer Turkeys!

You know when you see a video and you’re like, OMG I must watch that eleven thousand times, right now? Right. That’s how we felt when we saw this Attack Of The Killer Turkeys video this morning. Not only is it reminding us that just two days from now, we’ll all be snuggling up with giant pumpkin pies and hot apple cider (holy wow, we can’t wait!) but it’s also just . . . amazing.

If you like insane animals, funny sound effects, and frustrated humans, you really must watch this. It even has a car chase (well, the turkey version of a car chase, but still). I dare you to only watch it once.

Have you ever met a wild turkey? Did you gobble at it? What would you do if a crazy turkey started chasing your car? Tell us in the comments!

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