Our Favorite Football Player, Samantha Gordon, Tackles A Former NFL Player On TV

Samantha Gordon

Sam was too cute on NFL GameDay Morning

Remember when we told you guys about nine-year-old football player Samantha Gordon, AKA one of our new inspirations? To give you a little refresher course, Sam is the starting quarterback for her youth football league in Utah. The fact that she’s the only girl on what was once an all-boy’s football team isn’t the only thing that makes Sam so amazing – it’s also the fact that she’s genuinely a really, really good football player. As a girl who just can’t seem to understand football no matter how much I try (and trust me, I’ve tried), I am seriously jealous of Sam’s talent.

Sam made an appearance on NFL GameDay Morning this past weekend and seriously impressed ex-NFL players Warren Sapp and Marshall Faulk. Actually, she pretty much impressed everyone watching. I don’t think it’s possible that I could love this video more than I do.

When I first heard about Sam, I was obviously instantly intrigued. Who wouldn’t be? Her life is like a movie – a little girl is making it big playing a sport that has typically been reserved for boys only. It comes as no surprise to me that there are girls out there who can kick butt better than most guys, but unfortunately, I feel like this just isn’t something the rest of the world is used to seeing. So I’m thrilled to see her getting all of this positive attention, because there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be.

But back to the video – Sam looks like she’s basically having the best time ever during NFL GameDay Morning (and I mean, can you blame her?). And she says some pretty awesome stuff. When asked why she likes playing defense best, Sam said, “Because I’m like the smallest one out there, plus I’m a girl and I’m tackling some of the biggest guys.” And how do the guys feel about this? Sam says, “They don’t say anything, they kind of just get up and walk away.” High five, Sam. High five.

Watch the video to see her be just completely adorable – and also to watch her show off her moves by tackling Hall-Of-Famer Marshall Faulk:

Are you inspired by Sam? Do you play any sports? What do you think about girls who play football? Tell us in the comments!


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