Kesha Slays At The 2012 American Music Awards!

Kesha 2012 American Music Awards 2012

Kesha looked and sounded amazing at the 2012 American Music Awards! | Source: WENN

The 2012 American Music Awards were last night, and it was full of surprises. The biggest shockers probably came from Kesha. She’s as famous for her taste for whiskey and often looking a mess (albeit a deliberate one) as she is for Auto-Tune, so no one knew what to expect from her.

But holy Jeffrey Dahmer did that cannibal queen deliver. First off, check out her red carpet look: Stunning. When K-Dollar Sign coats herself in glitter, feathers, and weird headdresses, it’s easy to forget just how pretty she is. The soft makeup, the pretty sideswept hair, the petal pink dress–super cute, Kesh! She rocked a similar lacy look at the MTV Video Music Awards and looked gorgeous too. Love. Her.

Then for her performance! Let’s be real: A lot of people had low expectations for our glitter goddess, but she exceeded all of them. Not only did she sing her butt off, but she also danced, played drums, and trolled the entire world with Illuminati imagery. Part of why we heart Kesha so much is because she knows exactly what she’s doing.

One of the other reasons why we crush on Kesha is that she’s just about having fun and being yourself. She doesn’t pretend that everything she does is some pretentious, profound statement, and she never starts any tabloid drama with anybody … Though that doesn’t mean they don’t try to start it with her. In fact, Pink’s hubby, Carey Hart, talked some smack about the “Die Young” singer, which bums us out a bit because Pink is awesome and she and Kesha are on the same label, which should make for awkward run-ins later on. It doesn’t bum us out too much though, because, well, it’s Carey Hart. He’s most famous for being Pink’s husband than for anything he’s actually accomplished in motocross, which may explain why he needs to find so much attention by dissing people who are more famous than he is on Twitter. Haters gonna hate! (For the record, we loved Pink’s performance too–but she’s so good all the time that the world expects it from her!)

Watch Kesha’s kickass performance here. We love this girl!

Did you watch the American Music Awards? Whose 2012 American Music Awards performance was your favorite? Are you surprised that Kesha looked like a lady and sang well live? Tell us in the comments!

Listen Kesha’s “Die Young” acoustic–it’s awesome!

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