The Best Lipstick Trick You’ll Ever Hear: Why Lip Liner Is Your BFF

best lipstick trick is using lip liner

Make that lipstick last! | Source: Shutterstock

Lipstick is one of our favorite things ever. It transforms your face instantly, doesn’t have to cost that much, and is tiny enough to be carried in the smallest of purses. Depending on the color of lipstick you choose, you can look playful, sultry, earthy even. The one thing that frustrates us about lipstick, though, is that it’s often not that good at staying on.

If you’ve ever spent extra time in the morning doing your makeup only to realize that your lipstick is clean gone off your face by second period, you’ll want to listen up for this magic lipstick trick.

Get a lip liner (even a cheapie one will do!) in the same shade or one shade lighter than your lipstick. Carefully outline your lips, then fill them in lightly with the lip liner. Once you’re done, put on your lipstick as usual. It takes two seconds longer, but will make your lipstick last and last and last! If you ask us, that’s time well-spent!

What’s your favorite beauty tip? What makeup do you wear on a daily basis, or do you wear any at all? Tell us in the comments!

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