Your Complete Guide To Overeating Like A Pro On Thanksgiving

overeat like a pro overeating tips

These tips work even if you’re a vegetarian! | Source: Shutterstock

We’ll admit it–at almost every single Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve all been guilty of overeating. Besides being thankful (which of course we are), the point of the holiday to stuff yourself silly and then watch movies until you pass out, right?!

But see, there’s overeating the right way and then there’s overeating the wrong way. If you’re doing it wrong, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with a stomachache, a headache, and maybe a few hours in the ladies’ room (something NOBODY wants!). We’d never tell you to deny yourself ultimate gluttony on Thanksgiving, but we will teach you how to overeat like a pro. Follow these tips and you’re good!

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