How To Masturbate The Right Way Your First Time

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Question: How do I know the right way to masturbate when I’m just starting?

ChickRx expert Dr. Melanie Davis, Certified Sexuality Educator says:

Good question! The short answer is you’ll know you’re doing it right if it feels good. I know, not the most satisfying answer. But, masturbation is so totally personal that there’s no one right way to do it.

When you’ve got some privacy, feel your entire vulva (all the pink, non-hair-bearing skin) to see what likes to be touched the most. The most sensitive part is usually the clitoris, which tends to hide like a small pink pearl under a hood of skin at the top of the vulva, tucked between the outer lips.

Some girls find it exciting to concentrate on the physical sensations. Others like to touch themselves while imagining a sexy partner, scene from a movie, story, etc. The longer you touch yourself, the wetter your vulva will feel. That’s a good sign you’re on the right track. It means your body is getting excited.

Some girls use their fingertips or their entire palm. Some rub a pillow, a stuffed animal, or a blanket against their clitoris. Some girls roll onto their belly and rub their clitoris against their bed. Still others might purchase battery-powered or electric toy called a vibrator to provide a pleasant buzzing sensation.

Keep experimenting with different ways of touching yourself. When something feels really, really good, stay with it, enjoy it, and relax. If your body is ready to experience an orgasm, your breathing will get faster, your mind will focus more closely on your genital sensations, your body may tense, and your hand movements may become faster or harder. If you continue, you may experience a sudden release of all that tension and feel a flush of warmth in your body that feels really good – that’s an orgasm!

Enjoy exploring! Masturbation is a great way to learn what you enjoy so that if and when you’re ready, you can teach a partner what you like.

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Have you ever worried about masturbating the wrong way? Does this post make you feel better about your way of doing it? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. avatar Kay-mo says:

    Uhm im kinda nervous about fingering myself because when im just about to i get scared so i was wondering do i have to lose my virginity to be able to finger myself?

  2. avatar A.J. says:

    UMMM.I’m 14.n idk why. but i have a hard time doing THAT cuz i feel guilty if i touch myself.

  3. avatar Unknown says:

    I masturbate on the hole I pee on. Btw I watch lesbian porn.

  4. avatar Rachel says:

    I need help ,
    What can I use to masturbate I want to so much but I use a small drum stick and I want bigger but i also want a orgasim so bad can someone help . And I wanna have the masterbateing last long .

  5. avatar mayo says:

    is it true that you bleed once you stick something in you for the first time?

    • avatar casidy says:

      No. It might hurt, but if there is enough lubrication there wont be any bleeding.

    • avatar mimi says:

      That is only when you lose your virginity most of the time because once you stick a penis in you, it will rip a few tissues which causes blood.

  6. avatar Nataliea says:

    Every time i try it, it feels too good so i cant handle it no more. Then me clit start feeling strange and i get wet. The most amount of time i can do is only 3 mins

  7. avatar maddie says:

    If some of you girls have any questions about sex, masturbating, or need advice, I highly recommend checking out (whether you have a tumblr or not). The girl, Holly, is super helpful and provides answers to all your questions or if you just need advice. And, there’s a bunch of stories, audio posts, videos, and more to satisfy your horniness (audio posts are my fave while watching videos). There’s also bunch of sex blogs on tumblr, for pure desires or advice. Have fun ;)

  8. avatar Katie says:

    I have trouble reaching orgasm because whenever I start to feel really good, it get’s too much for me to handle, I just can’t keep going because it’s so intense, should I be trying to keep going or what? Help please!

  9. avatar Rebecca says:

    Hi i’m 13,

    The thing i do is, i watch some porn for a bit then go into my bathroom and take off my cloths slowly in front of a full body mirror while i watch myself (i make sure to wear a sexy bra, it makes me even more wet), then after that i hop in my tub and play with my nipples and tease my clit for a bit, then i get out dry myself off lie on my bed naked and start rubbing my clit and sticking my fingers in and out and get faster and faster and when i get close to orgasm i start moaning, and i have the best orgasm everytime (make sure no one is home)

    Another way to do it is a little bit odder but it can feel so good. When my parents go out of town for the night me and my sister have a bath together and we just talk about boys and other things that turn us on, then we get out and watch some porn but as we do we start rubbing our self and moaning it turns us on soo much. Though that is not the best part. After the porns over we go back to our rooms and put on our nicest dresses and go to the spare room and start making out while we do i slip my hand under her dress and start rubbing her. Then we get on the bed and i go under her dress and start licking her vagina while she rubs her nipples then she does the same for me and i moan it feels soo good.

    try it girls.

  10. avatar unknown says:

    I have trouble reaching orgasm. plz help
    btw, im 13

  11. avatar jessica says:

    Love this article. However I still can’t make myself Orgasm. I tried porn what else can I try?

  12. avatar Rae burton says:

    You guys want the sexiest orgasm ever!! Just lie undressed across your bed or flat surface and do a little role playing. Pretend to be having sex and close your eyes. Stick your index finger into your vagina and still keeping your eyes closed pretend its a penis. You can add more fingers of you want . Then start humping an invisible person. Press your vagina against the wall and then stroke yourself and keep going down until you reach your groin. Feel around your pubes then tickle the lips and press then clit. Your legs will quiver and your vagina will spasm. Get your boobies involved too!

  13. avatar Jennifer says:

    If you want to get yourself to orgasm faster, I recommend using a vibrator. Even if it’s just the non-brush end of an electric toothbrush, it’ll help you along so much faster and feel so good.

  14. avatar girlygirl says:

    I seem to only orgasim on my own never during sex… why is that?

  15. avatar Asdri B. says:

    Hi im only 13 years old and i really want to masturbate but every time i try watching porn it dosent work !!!!!!!!! Wat can i do ???? Help me plz!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Nina says:

      Keep trying just start rubing your tits and lick ur fingers for touching your nipples rub lightly down to the top of your pussy then explore it touch with wet fingers slowly feel it till u feel sensation then move up &down slowly then see how u feel slide one finger at a time feel the front wall up in till u feel a sensation then more or less preasure &fingers ? May b if it feels good and lube your arse and finger it at the same time just to your desire see how your Orgasms cum .

  16. avatar aline says:

    I can’t do it! No matter how hard I try, I cannot get the least bit wet or aroused ! Help?

  17. avatar miranda duncan says:

    Hey I’m 13 I’m looking for a bi or lesbian girl around joliet iIllinois area um kik me at : mommlovesyou24 and text me I’m a light skinned girl mixed with white and black I’m nice love kisses

  18. avatar Someone says:

    I noticed a lot of different methods for this but what really helps for is watching porn. It may sound weird but it definitely helps me get in the mood. And also if the girls are moaning that really gets me on for some reason so if any of you girls have trouble try watching porn while masturabting. And yes I’m a girl and watching porn is completely normal. I’ve been doing it since I was 13. I’m 15 now. But I have a question about fingering? I’ve wanted to try it but I’m scared I might Lose my virginity. Is there any way I can finger with out losing?

  19. avatar babygirlmero says:

    if i had an orgasm , some told me it’s losing your vergin “pure”= being fu**ed is it true btw i want to learn more about masturbate!! idk how and i want to do it but idk what i should exactly do?? help

  20. avatar emily says:

    If you’re going to use a toothbrush at least put some type of mitten around the brush to increase comfort level, improvise, use a piece of cloth, a soft hanker, a piece of fabric..etc

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