How To Masturbate The Right Way Your First Time

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Question: How do I know the right way to masturbate when I’m just starting?

ChickRx expert Dr. Melanie Davis, Certified Sexuality Educator says:

Good question! The short answer is you’ll know you’re doing it right if it feels good. I know, not the most satisfying answer. But, masturbation is so totally personal that there’s no one right way to do it.

When you’ve got some privacy, feel your entire vulva (all the pink, non-hair-bearing skin) to see what likes to be touched the most. The most sensitive part is usually the clitoris, which tends to hide like a small pink pearl under a hood of skin at the top of the vulva, tucked between the outer lips.

Some girls find it exciting to concentrate on the physical sensations. Others like to touch themselves while imagining a sexy partner, scene from a movie, story, etc. The longer you touch yourself, the wetter your vulva will feel. That’s a good sign you’re on the right track. It means your body is getting excited.

Some girls use their fingertips or their entire palm. Some rub a pillow, a stuffed animal, or a blanket against their clitoris. Some girls roll onto their belly and rub their clitoris against their bed. Still others might purchase battery-powered or electric toy called a vibrator to provide a pleasant buzzing sensation. There is a fingertip vibrator for an even more concentrated way to find the right spot.

Keep experimenting with different ways of touching yourself. When something feels really, really good, stay with it, enjoy it, and relax. If your body is ready to experience an orgasm, your breathing will get faster, your mind will focus more closely on your genital sensations, your body may tense, and your hand movements may become faster or harder. If you continue, you may experience a sudden release of all that tension and feel a flush of warmth in your body that feels really good – that’s an orgasm!

Enjoy exploring! Masturbation is a great way to learn what you enjoy so that if and when you’re ready, you can teach a partner what you like.

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Have you ever worried about masturbating the wrong way? Does this post make you feel better about your way of doing it? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Ferret Girl Gamer

    I find a hairbrush to be a good substitute for a dildo. The ones that have grooves on the handle are best.

  • nc187

    I’m a virgin so fingering myself or inserting anything in my vigina is kinda scary and uncomfortable.. I’ve never had an orgasm but i get aroused by reading erotica or by rubbing myself against a pillow.. Lately i’ve been fascinated by sex toys.. and i wanted to ask if exist any type of sex toy that can bring me pleasure without penetrating me

  • shy_unicorn

    Hi uhmmm this is embarrassing… Anyway I love masturbating but I tried like inserting my finger in… you know the vagina but I find it hard… Any tips?

  • EnnaSecnarf

    How do I first?

  • Qc dal

    i dont masturbate but once read or look any lovely story or thing i get arouse….is that orgasm

  • Nat

    I really want a dildo or a vibrator but I’m only 13. How can I get one?

    • Kerry

      Try an Ann Summers shop.

  • Ed Lundgren

    When i was 16, i and my g f were fooling around and i purposely touched her clit, like in a way a girl flips out her hand and touches a guys dick. She liked that and from there i masturbated her into a climax..That was her first climax and i was still a virgin myself. She touched my cock , rubbing it up and down and then seeing me tighten bashfully she got me fast to cum,woww, that was so exciting for me .My dick was swollen up for 1 1/2 days and i was excited to say the least. From there we both would play with each other until we came. But now I want to put my cock into her and she was afraid so i had to wait about 8 months and to get her ready for sex she made me wear a rubber..i came fast once my dick was in her pussy and she was sad to see me cum so fast…So i waited about 20 minutes or so and fucked her again. This time i had good control and she came within 5 minutes fo my going up and down in her pussy…we are still together and i love her very much.

  • Guy Fawkes

    This is the most offensive website on the internet.

    • Ash Rose

      It’s not offensive- it helps girls (and boys) discover themselves, get advice and make friends with people like them. Of course, not everyone likes it, particularly not the more graphic detail, but loads of people do and there is porn on the internet, which is far more offensive than!

  • Kayla

    Feel your self out first. There will probably be many failed attempts at it at first . My mistake was I didn’t understand what my clit was. I would just put a finger in my vagina and get disappointed bc I never had an orgasm. Then one day I discovered my clit. I got
    More out of rubbing that than my actual vagina. Rub ur clit. In circles. Fast. Hard. Get it! Haha then I started using things too. I use the end of my hair brush. I ride it or glide it in me then using my other hand, stimulate my clit. I would get no where if it wasn’t for my clit.

  • Ron

    Just trams some pics of urselfand text them to whoever wants to check them out

  • Misty

    When I Masterbate myself on the stage when I finger faster my legs start to shake and my upper part leans forward and I don’t feel nothing come out.

  • Super horny

    I just like to talk dirty with someone and that turns me on or reading fan fic so if anyone wants to talk dirty with me you know we’re to find me 😉

    • olivia marcos

      M in

  • Ayumii

    Hey guys. I’v read that people only rub the outside of the vagina. But what if they put their finger right up their vagina hole. Is that ok?

    • creativecubez

      Of course it’s ok. It’s different for everyone.

  • Ayumii

    Do you have to shove it up the vagina?

    • creativecubez

      Yes, but not harshly or else it will probably hurt.

  • Alesia Philippe

    I just masterbuted and I can’t have an orgasm help plz

    • creativecubez

      You can’t get an orgasm at first try. Find exactly how you like it the most and maybe you’ll get an orgasm. Maybe you need a partner for that.

  • Shelbie

    Hi I’m shelve and I’m 13,
    I love touching myself and masturbating but my parents are always home what should I do. I watch porn and stuff and that makes me more want to masturbate plus I don’t know how please help me