Dear Rihanna: Why Was I Not Invited To Your 777 Tour?

Rihanna 777 Tour

RiRi pouring champagne for every guest on the plane at take-off | Source: Instagram

Have you guys heard about Rihanna’s insane 777 tour? It only sounds like one of the best things ever. In celebration of her new album (her seventh album), Unapologetic, Rihanna is getting quite ambitious and playing seven shows in seven days in seven different countries. She’s flying from Los Angeles to Mexico City to Toronto to Stockholm to Paris to Berlin to London to New York (phew! I’m tired just writing that!) on a Boeing 777 plane. And she’s not doing it alone – she’s brought along over 200 different fans and journalists.

Except, um, I wasn’t invited, and in case you couldn’t tell, I’m very jealous. Based on the blog entries, tweets and Instagram pictures, it basically seems like Rihanna and her 777 navy are having the most fun ever in life right now. One fan told MTV, “It’s berserk on this plane. It’s a party plane.” Then the MTV blogger talked about how they all got gift bags and ate tamales and tacos in Mexico City. I want that! Life just isn’t fair. I’m writing this letter in the hopes that Rihanna sees it – and invites me the next time she decides to do something crazy like this:

Dear Rihanna,

I have to admit, RiRi, I’m feeling some pretty serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out, for those not in the know) right now. Here I am, sitting at my desk in my office in New York City, eating yogurt and staring at my computer. And there you are, with over 200 fans and journalists WHO ARE NOT ME, partying on a plane traveling around the world. Today, I woke up and thought my life seemed pretty okay. Then I read a tweet where someone described you as smelling like “baby powder, magic, musk of unicorn” and I was just like, “Hm, maybe my life is not as exciting as I thought.” Because why don’t I know what you smell like, Rihanna? Why?

Listen, I know you’re probably not happy with my feelings about you and Chris Brown, but hey, let’s not even bring him into this right now. We can forget about that for a little while. You can go on doing whatever you want, and the fact is that I’ll still sing along to your music, download your albums, watch your interviews and buy tickets to your show. Why? Because I’m a dedicated fan, Rihanna. A dedicated fan who should be sitting on this Boeing 777, listening to Unapologetic on repeat and waiting for you to stroll through the aisles with champagne.

It’s not like I’m trying to sound pathetic but, um, why wasn’t I invited? I like to think I’m pretty good at blogging. Other things I’m good at? Sitting on a plane, dancing to your music and taking fun Instagram pictures. So what’s the deal here? Where did I go wrong? Just… okay, I sound a little pathetic. It’s fine. Don’t hold this against me.

Listen, just keep me in mind for the next time you do this, okay? If you ever do it again. I’ll admit that I was mad at you for leaving me out for a little while, but then Unapologetic leaked and I really love it, so I guess you’re forgiven.


Would you love to be part of the 777 tour? Are you a fan of Rihanna? Are you excited to hear Unapologetic? Tell me in the comments!


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  • ?

    You are so wrong on so many levels. You act like it’s some right that Rihanna knows you, or, as you put, that “you know what she smells like”. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Grow up! You’re not the only person on Earth! Rihanna has tons of fans all over the world, she probably doesn’t give that you have “forgiven” her or that you were even angry at her in the first place. Why? Because it’s so childish and just plain stupid to think that Rihanna would even care about YOU when, as I said, she has SO MANY FANS! Think about all of the other people who were forgotten! It’s not that YOU are unlucky. It’s that all of the people on that plane are LUCKY! So, they were chosen, you and thousands of others weren’t. I’m sure Rihanna can’t keep ALL OF YOU “in mind”. Besides, I doubt she would even read this…after all, you’re just ONE “dedicated fan” out of thousands…

    • Jessica Booth

      This post was actually only meant to be taken as a joke, not something serious. I know I’m not Rihanna’s only fan. Just a joke.

  • shelby

    Coming from a TRUE Rihanna fan for just about all of her career.. how do you go from saying that she lost you as a fan, to begging her to invite you on her tour and then have the nerve to add the link of the article saying that she lost you as a fan?? I think you should stop writing about Rihanna and find another topic to write about. On the other hand, it would be awesome to be able to be a part of that, especially for someone who has been a fan of Rihanna through thick and thin.