Can You Make Art By Having Sex?!


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Alright, people. I get it that when some of you are having sex you’re not just “having sex.” You’re making love, you’re moving heaven and earth, you’re (something else that sounds majorly icky that I will inevitably roll my eyes at). But could having sex make you a famous artist? Maybe, if you get this super bizarro Love Is Art kit.

The idea is this: You and your honey sugar love cover yourselves in the body and hair-safe paint included in the kit and then get down to business on the giant canvas provided. When you’re done, you’ve got an abstract piece of art representing the beautiful time you’ve spent together. The company suggests you hang the finished product over your couch. For everyone to see. Including your parents. Of course nobody will ask you what it is! There will totally be no awkward conversations ever! You’ll never have to tell anyone you made this big schmearo painting by having sex. Nope. Never.

I’ll admit having sex while covered in paint does sound like it could be pretty fun. I’m guessing it’s slippery–and well, let’s admit it, everyone likes to make their mark. But what if it got in your mouth or eyes? Sex is a messy business and everything tends to get everywhere. Speaking of everywhere, is this paint safe to get up in your vagina? I mean, basically anything, even some soaps, can cause an infection in there.

If you love having sex so much with your guy that you want to immortalize it in art, go ahead and try out the Love Is Art kit, but don’t blame me when your masterpiece lands you in the gyno’s office or forces you to answer uncomfortable questions at your next house party.

What do you think? Would you ever make art while having sex? Do you think the Love Is Art kit is cool or just plain stupid? Tell us in the comments!

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  • loveisthecure

    Id definitely do it. And I’d smirk every time someone asked about it.

  • juliet

    Many people use latex paint because it peels off same with acrillyc just don’t put it on hair. and it will never come out a furniture btw.

  • Cassidy

    Wait I actually love this idea, but I’d never do it for safety reasons. it’s neat though.