Watch Out Or You Might Get Video Game Mania!

Do you have VIDEO MANIA? Do you even know what video mania is? Probably not, because it was some dumb, made-up disorder that adults invented because they were scared of video games and how much they were costing parents. Basically, back in the 1991, Nintendo introduced the Super Nintendo system, which (even though it looks super corny now) was way awesome and better than anything else at the time. Everyone wanted one–but why the panic? Like, did parents think kids would start running through the streets and jumping through manholes like Mario? So they sent their children to therapy because . . . video games are dangerous? It’s way too confusing to even really think about, but this old news report is hilarious.

Watch the video here . . . and remember, people market things to make you spend more money! (Um, duh?)

What are your favorite retro video games? What’s the first video game system you ever had? What was up with that reporter’s hair?! Let’s get talking in the comments!

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  • Lucy

    Nintendo 64 is the best station! Yes, it may be a little old but it is still a classic. My favorite video game to play on it is Zelda Ocarina of Time without a doubt.