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In all honesty, reading your comments is one of the best parts of my day at work. I genuinely love hearing what you guys have to say! Whether you’re giving someone advice, telling a funny story, criticizing us or just being able to totally relate to an article, your comments are always interesting.

This week was no exception. I saw comments that literally made me laugh out loud, ones that made me smile and want to be your BFF and ones that really made me think. Check out my pick of a few of the best comments from this week – and keep leaving yours! We want to know what you have to say!


Sometimes you inspire us with your confidence: 

From: If I Lose Weight, Will That Get Guys To Like Me? 


Sometimes you give awesome advice: 

From: My Friend Has A Crush On Me, What Can I Do?


Sometimes you’re just super smart:

From: Ask A Guy: Do Guys Care About How Many People A Girl Has Slept With?


Sometimes you defend others:

From: Wait. He Can Do WHAT With A Big Penis?


Sometimes you make us super proud: 

From: 26 Reasons I Need Feminism 


Sometimes you seriously impress us: 

From: How Can I Get My Boobs To Grow Faster? 


Sometimes you just make sense: 

From: If I Lose Weight, Will That Get Guys To Like Me? 


Sometimes we can’t argue with your logic: 

From: Ryan Lochte: No Longer Our Gold Medal Hottie 


Sometimes you get super passionate: 

From: My BF Lied About His Age! What Do I Do? 


And sometimes you’re hilarious, whether you mean to be or not: 

From: What Is PMS? Do You Have It?


What was your favorite comment from this list? What did we miss? Tell me in the comments!

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  • lala

    i have a crush on a boy what do i do