What Is A Dental Dam And How Do You Use It For Oral Sex?

dental dam

These come off, dental dam goes on! | Source: Shutterstock

We’ve all heard of condoms and why they’re so important (and if you’re sexually active, you’ve probably used one, too!), but there’s another barrier method that can protect you from STDs: the dental dam.

Since dental dams aren’t nearly as popular or well known as condoms, you probably have tons of questions right now. What is a dental dam? How do you use one? Why do they matter? Let’s get to the facts:

* A dental dam is a small, thin rubber sheet, usually made of latex or silicone, that can help prevent the spread of STDs during cunnilingus (oral-vaginal sex) and analingus (oral-anal sex).

* It’s a barrier method, so like a condom, it keeps bodily fluids that could be carrying disease from spreading from one partner to the other.

* To use a dental dam, it should be placed over the labia or anus before sexy times begin.

* You can buy dental dams at the store or online, or you can simply make your own out of ordinary cling wrap.

* Make sure your dental dam doesn’t have any holes in it! If it does, it may not be effective.

* Never reuse a dental dam. Ew!

Had you ever heard of dental dams before? Have you used a dental dam? Tell us about it in the comments!

Yes, You Really Can Get STDs From Oral Sex!

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  • Jessica

    You can also make one by cutting the edges of a condom off and then cutting it down the middle.

  • pinkheart

    It would have been good to show what they look like. Not someone using it but just what size they should be. But its good to know what they are. The visual of someone using one on an anus will stick with me for a few hours.

    • Amber

      They just look like rectangles of latex. The ones I have seen are about 10×6 inches, but I imagine size varies based on brand or what have you.