People’s Top 12 Sexiest Men Alive: Their GIF Reactions To Being Picked

Okay guys, it’s official: People has announced their Sexiest Man Alive for this year, and it’s… drum roll, please… Channing Tatum! Or, in other words, not Ryan Gosling. And, um, you should already know how I feel about that. But I’ll try not to be too disappointed and admit that Channing was a pretty decent choice.

Even though Channing was the big star of People’s list, there are other dudes on there too, girls. Try not to get too distracted by Channing’s charming, boyish smile and his amazing abs that had to be some sort of gift from God (and have you seen his butt? I mean, have you seen his butt?), and take a look at other 11 guys who made the top 12. Some of them left me a little confused – I mean, Blake Shelton as number two? He’s cute and everything, but… wouldn’t have been my pick. Anyway, to remind you of how good looking they all are, I put together some GIFs to show you how I think they reacted to being on this list:


When Channing Tatum first heard he was the Sexiest Man Alive, he was probably like, OMG:


He probably tried to play it cool at first: 


But he wasn’t really fooling anyone:


So he just decided to have a dance party instead: 


When Blake Shelton heard he was all the way at number 2 on the list, he was probably feeling pretty good: 


Chris Hemsworth seems really modest, so he was probably just like: 


Max Greenfield obviously responded in character, as Schmidt would: 


Ben Affleck was probably really amped about it: 


Richard Gere was most likely all, “Yeah, I’ve still got it”: 


Matt Bomer was probably just as adorable and lovable as always: 


I just want to imagine Oscar Pistorious celebrating similarly to how he acted at the Olympics: 


Denzel Washington probably got all serious about it: 


Damian Lewis was probably like, “Aw, that’s sweet, but I’ve got more important things to focus on”:


Paul Rudd was probably all silly and goofy as usual: 


And Bradley Cooper was probably all like, “Oh, number 12? Not surprised – been there, done that.” 


Do you think People put together a good list? Who do you think should have taken Channing’s place? Who’s your favorite on this list? Tell me in the comments!


Why I wish Ryan Gosling was the Sexiest Man Alive instead

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  • Bria

    OMFG Did they totally forget that John freaking Stamos still lived on this planet??? I mean that man has had my eye since full house!

  • buggy7997

    i love the way that this was put together especially the Channing Tatum part with the dance party hahhahahahaha

  • leila

    cm on…. Daniel Craig should totally be on the list too…

    • cuteblackkittie

      Omg, I totally agree, I was like mmmhhhmm, damn I know hes got to be on this list then I was like whaaaat how you put damian lewis butnot sexy Daniel Craig- 007 for life

  • Briana

    Ummm, why isn’t liam hemsworth on the list

  • ZoZo

    For some reason I don’t find Channing Tatum that attractive. Not sure why. I mean, he has all the characteristics that define an attractive guy – abs, jawline, etc. etc.
    Maybe something’s wrong with me…
    Well, I don’t disagree with anyone else on the list, except maybe Bradley Cooper. He doesn’t do much for me either.
    Ugh. What is WRONG with me? I must be very picky.

    • Chantelle

      They’re just not your type. I know I don’t find most of the guys on the list sexy or hot. The exception of course for me being Chris Hemsworth and Johnny Depp. We all have our types, so don’t worry about it.