Girls Can Do Anything–Just Ask Goldie Blox!

When you hear that 89 percent of engineers are men, you might think, “So what.” But the so what is that engineers build our world and everything in it. They make all the stuff we see, use, and come into contact with on a daily basis like phones, TVs, even shopping malls. Obviously, girls can rule the world–but it’s pretty hard to do that when the world is being built almost exclusively by dudes.

A big part of the problem though, is that many girls don’t even know what engineering is until it’s almost too late in their lives to make that career choice. Enter Debbie Sterling, a kick ass chica with an engineering degree from Stanford University. She’s spent her life savings creating an awesome new book series and toy for little girls called Goldie Blox that shows girls how much fun it can be to make things, to be useful. There’s nothing wrong with loving pink and princesses, but there is something wrong with girls not knowing their potential.

Watch this–you’re gonna love it:

Do you wish you’d had Goldie Blox when you were a kid? Do you think there should be more toys for girls like this one? Tell us in the comments!

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