Why We Want Selena Gomez To Be Our Girlfriend

Okay, so while the rest of the world mourns Jelena and speculates over who newly-single Selena Gomez should date next, we’ve already got the answer. Selena Gomez should obviously be our girlfriend here at Gurl! We think she has so many awesome girlfriend qualities and have had a girl crush on her for ages anyway. We’ve made a list of all the reasons why Selena would be the perfect girlfriend for us. Check ’em out, but don’t you dare try stealing her from us. We’ve got our eye on you!

Are you as in love with Selena Gomez as we are? Do you think Justin Bieber was an idiot to let her go? Are you psyched to find out who she dates next (even though it’ll obviously be us at Gurl!)? Tell us everything in the comments!

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  • Rebecca

    Selena is very inspiring, especially at such a young age. Go Selena !!