Stop Nagging Us, Mom! 5 Things We Wish She’d Stop Bugging Us About

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Dear Moms of the World,

We love you. We really do. And we appreciate all the insane things you’ve done for us (no, that time I dropped my locket in the toilet and you fished it out for me has not been forgotten!)–but could you please stop nagging us about the most stupid things? When we were younger, you nagging us to do things like brushing our teeth or tying our shoe laces was actually helpful, because we didn’t know what the hell we were doing. But now that we’re a little more grown up, there are a few nagging points you can feel free to let go of. In fact, here are five things we’d love you to stop nagging us about right away:

1. Standing Up Straight
Mom? You want to know the truth? When you’re not around, we all stand up so straight it’s like we’ve gained 3 inches. We just slouch to piss you off. Never fails. Want us to walk taller? Stop nagging us about it!

2. Wearing Less/More/Different Makeup
Some of us wear makeup because we like the way it looks. Some of us like the way we look without makeup even better. Yes, sometimes we’ll make not-so-glamorous decisions and cringe while looking back on our own photos years later, but isn’t that our right? You wore some weird looks back in the day, too (we’ve seen pictures), so let it go.

3. Dating Nicer Boys
First off, mom, you don’t even know what the guys at school are like. If you could actually spend time with all of them and got to know them pretty well, I think you’d know we’re making the best decisions we really can because HOO BOY, there’s not a lot to choose from. Plus, um, it’s not like we’re old enough to get married or anything at this point. Can’t we date some weirdos before settling down?!

4. Missing Curfew (By 10 Minutes)
If the worst thing I do is come home 10 minutes late, I think you know I’m a pretty good daughter/person/citizen of the world. I’m still coming home in one piece and probably even being cool enough to call and let you know I’ll be late. Give me a break once in a while, okay? There is this thing called traffic . . .

5. Being More Like That Nice Neighbor Girl
Don’t even get me started on this one, Moms. Usually the “nice” girl you compare us to is a total back-stabbing bitch who only seems super nice on the surface. You have no idea. Every time you tell us to be more like her, you’re actually telling us to lie, cheat, and generally be a selfish jerk. Stick to what you know, Moms, and appreciate the awesome daughters you have.

All The Gurls Of The World

Want to get in on the end of nagging? YourTango has declared this week Nag-Free Week! Check ’em out for details.

Is your mom always nagging you? Tell us what you wish she’d stop nagging you about in the comments!

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  • Deya

    Those reasons are very very true. OMG I couldn’t say it better.
    Alexis you’re lucky. I wish I had a mom like yours 🙁

  • melissaB

    All of the reasons are total crap… I think Gurl needs better writers.

  • Alexis

    My mom slouches herself, buys all my make up for me,and hates any kids other than her own. She doesn’t even nag me about boys and only a few times has she nagged me about not being home when I was supposed to. I guess I’m just lucky to have an awesome mom who gave me her pretty eyes and hilarious sense of humor and who doesn’t nag at me all the time. Now to my younger brother and sister, that’s a different story…