You Didn’t Make A Facebook Profile For Your Relationship … Did You?

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You may not want to make a Facebook profile for your relaysh, but you probably still have one. | Source: ShutterStock

When you make a Facebook profile, you sort of know going in that your business is going to be made semi-public, even if you make your page private and only add people you actually know as friends. And chances are you started to make a Facebook profile before the new Timeline setting kicked in. What you didn’t know when you signed up is that now when you make a Facebook profile–or even if you’ve had one forever–Facebook also makes a profile page just for your relationship. WTF?!

One of Facebook’s latest features to give us all a headache is the “Relationship Page.” If at any time after you make a Facebook profile you decide to list yourself in a relationship with someone, Mark Zuckerberg and Co. figured you’d love a separate profile just dedicated to you and your boo.

What’s in a Facebook couples profile? All the photos, tagged status updates, wall posts, and mutual “likes” and friends that you share. If you’re taken (and it shows on your FB), you can take a gander at Chances are the most recent photo tagged of you guys is the default image, which can pose some awkward situations. A fellow Gurl checked out her FB couples page and was annoyed that it was a photo of her, her boyfriend, and her BFF: “It looks like we’re in a threesome or something weird! Ugh. My head hurts.” Tell me about it–I’ve been listed as “married” to my BFF since we both signed up just so people would stay out of our business (we’re both straight) and not be able to speculate as much on our statuses with other people, and now we have to worry about someone who doesn’t know any better stumbling on that couples page and getting really, really confused.

Of course, one could argue that if you hate the Facebook profile for couples, you could always not be in a relationship on FB anymore. Unfortunately, that’s not that simple, either. Because if anyone breaks up on Facebook, what happens? A giant broken heart in everyone’s newsfeed and on your timelines, which will lead to people asking if you’re okay–it’s going to create a bigger headache for everyone.

Not cool, Facebook. Not cool at all. And the worst part? People can “share” their relationship profiles. We bet all the single girls in your friends list will just love to see that.

Would you make a Facebook profile for your relationship? Do you think Facebook couples pages are a cute or creepy idea? Tell us in the comments!

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  • DarcieDML

    I don’t mind it

  • Maya

    i don’t agree with them doing this at all. i mean, if you could choose to do it, ya, go for it! but for it to be automatic?… plus the whole thing with when you break up? that i really don’t like: if someone breaks up, its their business, no one else’s, plus they’re probably only going to want to be comforted by a few close friends, not all of their facebook buddies.

  • PinkJinx

    WHAT THE FUDGE!!!!!! O_O
    What is wrong with them!? Thats like so lame!