One Website Allows You To Rent Nail Polish, But I’m Skeptical

Would you join a site and pay money to rent nail polish each month? No, seriously. Because there’s a site that does that now. I read about it this morning on College Candy, in a post by our former intern Emerald (hi, Em! We miss you!), and I knew I needed to add my own thoughts. At first, I was all like, “OMG, you mean I can get new nail polish every month without actually buying it and making my BF think I’m a nail polish hoarder?” And then I thought about it and I was kind of like, “Um, I actually don’t know if this is a great idea?”

The new site is basically like a nail polish version of Netflix: you pay $18 a month, and each month, you get your choice of three new luxury nail polishes sent to your house. I know you’re probably thinking, “WHO spends $18 a month on their nails?!”, but really this isn’t such a stretch when it comes to the designer brands that this site rents out – Chanel, Dior, NARS and Deborah Lippmann, among others, go for about $18-$30 a bottle, so it’s kind of a bargain.

It’s basically like getting three manicures a month, except instead of having someone else pamper you by doing your nails, you’re doing them yourself. And if you’re anything like me, that involves a lot of stinky nail polish remover, a little bit of cursing and a lot of messing up. Not as fun as a manicure. I’d kind of rather shell out that money to get them done professionally.

Also, what if you end up falling in love with a color and then you have to send it back? If you do your nails a lot, I’m sure you have a few favorites that you use all the time – with this renting service, you would only have the color for a month, and you’re only allowed three applications per bottle, so it might be a little hard to send it back. In my case, I feel like I would rent a $25 nail polish, become obsessed with it and then end up actually purchasing it. I almost feel like this would lead to more spending for a lot of people.

Oh, and this might be just me being completely lazy, but this renting service might take up just a little too much time for me. When I decide I want to paint my nails a certain color, do I really want to wait for it to come in the mail? Or do I want to just pick up the bottle and start using it right away? And think about the time spent shipping these things back. Ugh. I know, I know, I’m lazy, but I can’t be the only person who hates returning things, can I?

But at the same time, I’m kind of intrigued by Lacquerous. It seems like a cool way to try out all of those fancy, expensive polishes that I can’t afford on my own, because I refuse to spend that much money on nail polish (I mean, $30? Really?). And if I really had the time to keep up with it, it would be fun to change up my color a lot without actually blowing all of money.

In the end, I think this site is a good idea if you have the extra $18 to spend and also if you have the time to do your own nails this often. In other words, it’s cool for nail polish fanatics. As for the ladies who can’t commit to a certain level of nail polish obsessiveness, I think you can skip out on this service. Take it from someone who used to pay money to get Netflix movies sent to her house and then consistently forgot to watch them – only do this if you know you have the time.

What do you think about Would you try renting nail polish? Do you think it’s too much money? How often do you do your nails? Tell me in the comments.


Stop being so obsessed with nail polish

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  • girls

    Fungus can’t live in nail polish. I use the Sephora free bar to test all the time. But it might be nice to get Chanel sent to my house instead of going there all the time. I do want to try those brands. Im thinking about it.


    NEVER EVER, people have fungus on their feet, this is unsanitary, same reason why I always bring my own polish when I go for Mani/Pedis.

    Have you seen some peoples feet, even their fingernails are jacked…..HELL NOOOO

    • girls

      But what bout salons and testers? they say it’s ok for nail plish.. I don’t want Opi or essie. If i did, ofcourse i would buy instead!

  • UrGurlJ

    Honestly, I think it’s kind of a waste of money.. I’d rather just go to the store and by my own nail polish that I don’t have to send back or share with anyone. Plus, the whole sharing part kinda puts me off. I mean you’re sharing nail polish with possibly thousands of people you do not know. That sounds really gross and maybe even unhealthy to me.

    • Em

      I agree, what if someone has some kind of nail fungus and decides to “rent” from this company. I think this sounds a bit unhealthy, unsanitary and too expensive, why not buy three bottles of O.P.I for around the same price!