Breaking Dawn Part 2–Let’s Talk About Jacob Imprinting On Renesmee

Jacob Black imprinting on Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn Part 2

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I know a lot of you Twihards out there are going to rail on me for this one, but um, the whole Jacob and Renesmee imprinting situation in Breaking Dawn and it’s sequel, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is beyond icky–more than hinting at gross.

As most of you know, the first time Jacob Black (who is a young man with hormones and the whole thing going for him) locks eyes with newborn baby Renesmee Cullen, he imprints on her–meaning that the two are bound for life as soul mates. What?! Say what?! Why would handsome, charismatic, sexually virile Jacob choose to imprint on a baby instead of on some foxy lady his own age?! I know he wanted to imprint on Bella and lost his chance, but that doesn’t exactly make it okay to mark her infant daughter as his future love interest. Blech!

It’s not like Jacob suddenly starts making out with baby Renesmee or strips down and does a Magic Mike style dance in front of her crib–but the idea that he would focus his entire future on a baby who clearly isn’t old enough to make any choices for herself (and then potentially groom her to be the perfect lover for him as she matures) is downright sinister. I know it’s just a book series (and very successful film saga)–but the fact that Jacob’s obsessive perversion is presented as super loving and awesome is just a little scary. Don’t you think?

Are you going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 when it comes out on Friday? What do you think about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee? Do you think the Twilight Saga has some pretty screwed up messages in it? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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  • Marc Browne

    Really? I had no idea that imprinting had to do with sexuality. It is only sexual if one thinks so. I thought it meant that Jacob would protect the baby. Birds imprint and that does not infer sex…has to do with memory. Fogetabout it!

    • BluePotion

      Are you saying Jacob had no desire to date her in the future? His plans are solely to protect her? They should explain that then. Some people may be seeing it for the first time. Their own fault of course.

  • Marc Browne

    Really? Give me a break. I had no idea about imprinting being soul mates for life. I thought it was just that the baby would always know that Jacob would protect her. What’s wrong with that? It is only sexual when one makes it so. Birds and other animals imprint…has to do with memory..not sex. Fogetabout it!

  • Christina barnes

    I think it’s cute. I loved it. I’ll watch it over and over again.

  • Christina barnes

    I think it’s cute. he cares 4 her like as if she were his sister. I loved it. I’ll watch it again and again!