Overly Attached Girlfriend Is Inside Your Overly Attached Computer

Remember Overly Attached Girlfriend (and, achem, Overly Attached Cat?!)–right, that one. The terrifyingly clingy and obsessive girlfriend who earned her spot in the internet meme hall of fame. Well, Overly Attached Girlfriend is back, only this time she’s taken over you computer and is threatening you with some pretty terrifying stuff if you don’t buy the Samsung SSD 840 storage disk.

Check out the commercial here:

Do you think the Samsung Overly Attached Computer commercial is funny or kind of already played out? Do you back up the data on your computer? Tell us in the comments!

We Can’t Get Enough Of Overly Attached Girlfriend!

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  • Pefaha

    that is hilarious!

  • KC

    Funniest commercial I’ve seen in a long time! Wish all of the ads were this entertaining!