Very Important Question: Is Andrew Garfield A Better Dancer Than Emma Stone?

Andrew Garfield The Ellen Show

Who’s better?!

Attention everyone: this is a very important question – is Andrew Garfield a better dancer than his girlfriend Emma Stone? I know, I know. This is pretty serious. Don’t answer too quickly! Answering it will require you to watch some adorable videos multiple times in order to get an accurate comparison. The good news? I don’t know if there’s a better way to spend your Tuesday afternoon than watching Andrew and Emma shake their cute little butts.

What exactly am I talking about? Andrew Garfield appeared on The Ellen Show yesterday where he showed off some of his sweet dance moves. He also showed off his new facial hair, but, eh, I don’t know if “showed off” is the right term for that because I’m not sure he should have been showing it off. Hey, Andrew? You’re really hot and your British accent only makes you even more irresistible. Why are you ruining your face with that busy hair? I’m all for a little facial hair on dudes, but I just feel like this doesn’t suit you. Don’t get insulted, I’m only telling you this a friend and loving admirer, but – can you shave?

Oh, sorry, I got a little off topic. Anyway, Andrew proved just how awesome he is (despite the caveman hair) by doing a series of ridiculous dances on television in order to raise money for Worldwide Orphan’s Foundation. Okay, fine, I forgive him for the hair thing. Check out his belly-dancing, Gangnam Style and robot moves right here:

Uh, I’m pretty impressed over here. His Irish gig was spot-on and, yeah, his ballerina moves were kind of off, but… I forgive him after that shopping cart move.

Now let’s take a look at his girlfriend, Emma Stone. In all honesty, this may be one of my favorite Ellen clips in the history of the show. I mean, look at Emma. Look at her! This is why she’s basically one of my number one girl crushes of all time:

Don’t you just want to hang out with her every day, gossip about Andrew and play Dance Dares around everyone you know? It can’t be just me. Ellen needs to start doing this with every single celebrity she has on her show – although I still think Emma would always take the win.

Sorry, Andrew, but I’m going to have to go with my girl Emma here. Your dance moves were awesome, but hers were just way too amusing. But hey, you guys can always have another dance competition!

Who do you think is a better dancer? Which of these videos did you like more? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Jaryn

    I had actually just watched those two videos before I saw this article! Emma’s dance dare was more fun, but I have to give this one to Andrew because he had to work with the dances Ellen gave him while Emma got to freestyle. Still, really entertaining all around!