The Truth About Why You Were Really Absent From School

Sometimes, you just need a break. I get that, and you get that, but your teacher/boss/BFF might not, so sometimes a few white lies are better than big ugly truths, no? When you’ve been absent from school, check out these lines and see if you’d use any of them on your teachers!







When You Just Have to Re-prioritize


She said: I had to go out of town unexpectedly.












She meant: The Bloomingdale’s presale started and I was NOT about to miss out on those Paige jeggings at 30% off!











When You’re Kinda Telling the Truth


She said: Ugh I had the worst migraine….












She meant: Brought on from staying up all night with my girls, drinking 25 cherry/coke/blue raspberry Slurpees, and eating everything that sell at Taco Bell. Buuuurp!












Family Bonding


She said: My mom and I went upstate to look at schools.












She meant: We spent 15 minutes on campus…and four hours at the outlet mall!











When You’d Rather Not Get Into It


She said: Lady problems, ifyaknowwhatImean.












She meant: Lady problems that lead to some insane bloating this month which lead to an hour long crying jag because I couldn’t fit into my new Paige jeggings. It was better for everyone if I just stayed home, trust me.











When It’s a Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance


She said: I had to get my tonsils taken out, that’s why my voice is so scratchy.












She meant: Six hours camped outside of The Today show to see One Direction and screaming myself hoarse over Harry Styles? SO WORTH IT.










When You Need a “You” Day


She said: It was “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” at my dad’s office in the city.












She meant: I’m busy every single day after school and my TiVo was SERIOUSLY backing up. I mean, it was about to delete the last episode of Nashville—was I just supposed to sit back and let that happen??















How often are you absent from school? Do you ever skip when you’re not sick? Tell us the truth in the comments!

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  • Regan

    I would never do this. Education is too important.