Jamie Needs Your Help To Win A Streamy Award!

EXCITING NEWS ALERT! Our very own Do It, Gurl Jamie Petitto is up for a Streamy Award and she needs your votes to make it happen. The Streamys are basically like the Oscars, but for the internet, and fans get a big say in who wins. That means YOU can help Jamie get an award. And, come on, who deserves an award more than Jamie?

Here’s what you have to do, just hit submit below and then send all your friends to this page and tell them to hit submit too. And then tell them to tell their friends to come here and hit submit. And then tell them to tell their friends to tell their friends to come here and hit submit. And so on and so forth. And we’ll get Jamie a shiny statue and lots of internet hugs and kisses. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if you share this vote on Twitter too!

Ready? Set? Let’s get Jamie some internet love!

One of our all time favorite Jamie projects!

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  1. avatar Desi:) says:

    I vote for Jamie :) <3

  2. avatar syznkrm says:

    Jamie!!! :D

  3. avatar lillatrasdockan says:

    i’m voting here!!! you are the best <3

  4. avatar TheAotearoamaorigirl says:

    I’m from NZ and you inspire me through every video. Creative, artistic and imaginative. Good luck Jamie :)

  5. avatar Patty says:

    I am a high school friend of Jamie’s mom and LOVE the crafts and Jamie’s way of doing them!

  6. avatar Cree Aeppli says:

    Duh I’m voting!!

  7. avatar TheWonderWench says:

    I voted and tweeted! :) Can we only vote once??

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