Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling: 32 Things I Wish He Would Say To Me, In GIF Form

Today might be the best day of this entire year. Why? Today I got to spend a very wonderful part of my day researching GIFs of Ryan Gosling, for work. For work, guys. I think it’s safe to say that I pretty much have the best job in all the world.

Why am I researching GIFs of Ryan Gosling? Well, besides the fact that everyone should try this at least once a hour week to get in a better mood, it’s Ryan’s birthday! This is a day to celebrate, ladies. Also, I just want to tell you all a little story: a few years ago, I was allowed by an amazing co-worker to go to the New York premiere of Ryan’s movie, Blue Valentine. At that premiere, I got to interview Ryan himself. I stood barely five feet away from him, with about 10 other reporters squished behind me trying to get as close to him as possible, and stared at him feeling literally starstruck. Ryan looked into my eyes (INTO MY EYES) and said, “You okay down there?” Inside, I died a little. I couldn’t even get words out except some kind of variation of, “ummmm sadkfjuskldfj”.

As amazingly perfect as this moment was, I know it could have been better. So, in celebration of Ryan’s birthday, here are 32 things I wish he would have said instead:

Oh, hi there.


Shh. It’s just a GIF post I’m writing. Don’t worry about it. Can you keep talking now?


Okay, good. Go on.


Let me repeat that – No.


I really appreciate that, Ryan.


How about what? I mean, whatever it is, I’ll do it, just asking.


Sigh. You are perfect.


Not even a little bit, Ryan.


Be everything! Oh, you already are.


That’s more than okay with me. Seriously.


Um, okay. Are we riding horses?


You wrote a song? Just for me? Ryan, you shouldn’t have!


OMG. Sorry. I love you too.


Aw, Ryan! You’re so sweet.


Yes. Hell yes. YESYESYESYESYESYES. Did I mention yes?


As a matter of fact, I do, yes.


I WON’T LEAVE. Trust me. There’s no need for these angry words!


I will be RIGHT THERE. Don’t you dare even think about moving.


You are SO thoughtful.


Ryan, stop, I’m blushing!




I mean, could you be any more perfect?




You never need to apologize to me, Ryan. It’s fine.


As long as you keep touching my face like that… okay. I will never shop there again.


DUH. Do you even have to ask?


I mean, maybe trim your moustache. That’s it.


Chocolate milkshake, please!


You don’t even know how good. 


Ryan. I ALWAYS want to dance with you.


I haven’t, but you can drive anyway. I’m cool with it.


Ugh, Ryan. You read my mind.


Are you a Ryan Gosling fan? Which of these GIFs were your favorite? What do you wish Ryan would say to you? Tell me in the comments!


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