One Super Easy Hair Tip That Will Change Your Life

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I’ve been doing it all wrong! | Source: Shutterstock

My life has just changed (okay, well my hair life at least!). My amazing colleague Ally (she’s the intern over at just let me in on a little secret about bobby pins, which I use a ton to hold back my long bangs on windy days.

Whenever I’ve used bobby pins, I’ve always put them in with the flat side on the bottom and the wavy part sitting on top of my hair–but it turns out that’s totally wrong! If you flip the bobby pin over so that the wavy part is on the bottom, closest to your scalp, and the flat part sits on top of your hair, it not only looks cuter but also grips your hair better!

I’ve just flipped all my bobby pins (I’ve got four in right now!) over and can already tell the difference. Today is going to be the best hair day ever! Ally? I owe you Starbucks one day!

Do you wear bobby pins? Did you know this hair tip already? What are your favorite hair tips and tricks? Share them in the comments!

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  • TheWonderWench

    I already knew that tip – also never realized that people were doing it the other way, but I would have offered the advice had I known! 🙂 Glad your hair life made the change!

  • Cowboy Chasing

    I always thought you were supposed to wear them with the flat side on top…..

  • DaynaMarie

    I don’t have bangs, but my hair is layered short enough in the front that it’s impossible to get all of it in my pony tail holder. Whether I use bobby pins or barrettes they always seem to be too lose, but I just flipped my bobby pin upside down and it worked perfectly. 🙂 Since the wavy part of the pin is towards the outside of the package, I automatically put it on the outside of my hair and never thought to try it differently.

  • Lanah

    Seriously? I didn’t know it mattered! I always just liked them with the flat part at the top cause it looked better! I’ve been doing it right all along! Yes!

  • fluffie

    I always knew this tip- I never knew other gurls put it in the other way! Otherwise I would have told you all! Without bobby pins my hair would be nothing. You’ve inspired me to try it the other way! xx