20 Cute (And Sort Of Geeky) Winter Accessories To Keep You Warm

Unless you live in California or Hawaii or somewhere super warm, winter is officially right around the corner. Or, in some cases, it’s kind of already here. In other words? It’s getting really cold out there! It’s the perfect weather for bundling up under a million blankets, drinking hot chocolate and cuddling with your cat boyfriend.

It’s also the perfect weather for adorable winter accessories, like hats, scarves, gloves and fuzzy socks. Since I know you want to look really cute even when you’re being stuffed into a puffy winter coat (mine makes me look like a marshmallow), I’ve rounded up a bunch of accessories you need to buy now that will keep your cozy and warm for the next few months. They’re super adorable, but also a little bit geeky – the perfect mix! Check ’em out and let us know what you’re going to buy:

Which of these items was your favorite? Are you going to order any of these? Have you already bought something you think is worthy of this list? Tell us in the comments!


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  • sugacooki5

    Haha… so cute! I have a knit hat with kitty ears! Wearing it right now!

  • Crystal

    What about doctor who and sherlock?