5 Things You Should Do Before A First Date

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It doesn’t really matter whether you just met him or if you’ve been friends for years–the awesome thing is that you guys are finally going on a date and it’s going to be awesome! Getting ready for a first date can be a little nerve-wracking (and, let’s be honest, a lot fun!), but I promise you it can be a whole lot easier with these super simple first date prep tips. Take it from a girl who’s been on a lot of first dates that turned into second dates!

1. Find Your Theme Song
No, I don’t mean your theme song with this dude. I mean your cooler than hell, kick butt, awesome She-Ra Princess Of Power Anthem. I’m personally a fan of The Go-Go’s “Can’t Stop The World,” but you might want to try a little Missy Elliot or even Ke$ha if that’s your thing. Whatever gets you going and makes you feel like the superstar that you are. Listen to it on repeat until your little brother or sister screams for you to turn it off.

2. Wear The Perfect Outfit
That means (and I know this is a hard one to understand at first), never ever go out and get new clothes for a first date. If you do, you might spend the whole night wondering if you look good, or wondering why that tag on the side of your brand new top is so itchy. Avoid any outfit weirdness by wearing something you already know looks great on you (and that you feel amazing in).

3. Realize That It’s All About You
I know that sounds super arrogant and you’re probs like, “WOAH, who is this stuck up biyotch giving advice?!,” but hear me out. So many of us go into first dates just hoping that the other person will like us. That they’ll like our outfit. That they’ll think we smell nice. That they’ll laugh at that one stupid story you like to tell. But if that’s all you’re focused on, you’re missing the main question here–and that’s whether or not YOU like him! And no, it’s not a given that you will. I’ve gone on dates with guys who I’d previously thought were awesome only to find out that they had kind of annoying personalities or that they were rude to a waiter at the restaurant (such a turn off!). Stopping worrying about what he thinks about you will make you a heck of a lot more confident and let you have more fun on the date, too.

4. Pack Your Purse
There are a few things every girl should have with her on a first date. If you wear makeup, def bring your lipgloss and concealer (just in case!). Also, make sure you have enough cash to pay your own way. If he offers to pick up the bill and you’re okay with that–fine–but it’s seriously rude (and sexist) to assume he’s going to pay. Also, make sure you have your cell phone, and a friend who will text you about half-way through the date in case you need an out!

5. Get Up To Date On The News
No, I don’t mean that you need to know the ins and outs of our nation’s economy (nor should you talk about that on a first date unless you’re both really into that . . . in which case, congrats on finding each other!)–but reading up on the latest in sports, entertainment news, pop culture, or just current events in general will give you a huge number of things you could talk about with your guy. Pick two or three topics–weird and funny stuff works best!–and just know they’re in your back pocket in case the conversation needs a pick-me-up!

Now go out there girl, and get him! You’re smart, fabulous, and a whole bunch of fun. Anybody would be lucky to go out with you. Now let’s find out if he’s worthy of a second date!

What are your first date tips? What’s your favorite getting ready song? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • VMon

    Missy Elliott she will always be one of my favorite female mc’s, Gossip Folks awesome lyrics, song and video.

  • savannah

    “I mean your cooler than hell, kick butt, awesome She-Ra Princess Of Power Anthem.”

    I love this and mine would have to be “Fastest Girl in Town” by Miranda Lambert

  • haley

    great advice!

  • Isabel

    I loved this advise!!! So useful and inspirating!!
    Keep on writing like this, GURLS!!! Thank you <3

  • Annie Woo

    Ho w about # 1 . Be yourself and don’t follow these stupid tips cuz you can’t get OR MANTAIN NONE with something told by somebody else, or being somebody who is NOT really who you are or behave or dresses etc!. Good luck in getting REAL GOOD GUYS out there, with these tips, who are in fact not total vain-shallow morons or jerks who will dump you as soon as your little real yourself begins show up after the first 2 dates like this!.

    • LittleRedWolfGirl

      These tips aren’t telling you to not be yourself. I don’t know where you got that from. These are just some ideas to help boost your confidence and get you ready for a first date, which is (as said above) something that can be a bit nerve wracking. Example: the tip about the outfit. If it said to go out and buy something new, that would be telling you to not be yourself. But it’s saying to wear something you already have that you feel you look good in, that you like on yourself. That way, you aren’t worried about what you look like, since you already have the confidence in that department. (hopefully whoever you’re going on a date with won’t be so shallow as to care about your outfit, but that’s more something you’re doing for yourself, not the other person). The other tips about making sure you have what you need in your purse and checking up on current events are just preparation tips and have nothing to do with changing your personality. It always sucks if you realize you need something but don’t have it with you. It also sucks to be on a date and run out of things to talk about. Finding current events that interest you and you think would be fun to talk about is a good plan.

  • juliet

    i always listen to The Cars before a date c;