5 Super Useful Things You Can Buy To Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

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I know, I know, to some of you, Hurricane Sandy seems like old news. You’ve been hearing about this storm for over a week now and you just want to move on to something else. I get it. If you’re not here in New York or New Jersey, it can be hard to understand just how massive the devastation is, and how much people still really need our help. But they do. They need YOU.

A volunteer team called Occupy Sandy has set up an Amazon gift registry wishlist for stuff people who’ve been through the worst (a lot of whom are homeless right now) really need. If you can spare a little extra cash (and I know a lot of you can if you really think about it), please check it out and send something they’ve requested. It’ll be sent directly to a distribution center in New Jersey and into the hands of girls, guys, moms, and dads to make their lives a little bit better.

I’ve already donated and volunteered in person–but I’d love knowing that our Gurl.com community was joining together to make a difference. Here are five things you could give that would make a big difference:

* Love animals? A lot of hurricane victims have dogs and cats who’ve been going hungry since the storm–a big bag of IAMS cat food is only $13. That’s like giving up one trip to the movies. No big deal to you, a huge deal to those cats!

* Think you’d go crazy after just one week without peanut butter? Send three giant jars to some hungry and cold people for just pennies less than $20. That’s like one week without your daily Starbucks.

* Do you get cold really easily? So do I, but think about all those people still living without heat or hot water, even as the temperature drops here in New York. Help out by sending a women’s zip up jacket by Columbia for $35. Sure, you could buy two new albums on iTunes with that, but you know this is more important.

* If you can’t imagine not being able to shower, send eight bars of Dove soap. It’ll cost you less than $18 (about the same as a dress at Forever 21), and will help make Sandy survivors feel a little bit more optimistic about life.

* Little kids were affected by this storm, too, and a lot of them are pretty freaked out. Send them a comforting story in the form of Corduroy for less than $7. That’s the equivalent of one lipstick from the drug store. I know you can do it, girl!

From batteries to winter coats, you (yes, you!) can get the most vital things into the hands of Hurricane Sandy victims who need them most.

So, are you with me, or what?! Let me know what you’ve done to help the Hurricane Sandy recovery in the comments!

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