One Direction Light Up “X Factor” With “Live While We’re Young” And “Little Things!”

One Direction X Factor USA

One Direction went back to their X Factor origins last night! | Source: YouTube

One Direction got their start on X Factor in the U.K., and they returned to their roots–and their mentor, Simon Cowell–last night to perform on the show on our side of the pond.

They kicked things off with a performance of “Live While We’re Young,” complete with jumping, thrusting, and balloons. First off, how dapper are they in their black, white, and red? Second, we love that they did their adorbs little rowboat dance from the video. Third, don’t they look more comfortable onstage than ever? And fourth, isn’t it sort of hilarious how Harry Styles just putting his hand up makes everyone scream over everyone else? (Not gonna lie, we totally shrieked on our couch here, so we’re not judging–just observing.)

They followed up with their new U.K. single, “Little Things,” and a much more understated but lovely showing. Flanked with minimal lighting and instrumentation, their voices shined. We especially loved Niall Horan serenading his boys. Too flippin’ cute. (For the record, their second U.S. single is actually going to be “Kiss You,” which is more on the upbeat side, similar to “Live While We’re Young,” “One Thing,” and “What Makes You Beautiful.”)

Of course, there was the requisite Pepsi product placement and a message from Drew Brees, who we also adore, but we really don’t think he can sing as well as the rest of the boys can. We also thoroughly enjoyed how Khloe Kardashian basically couldn’t stop touching and gushing about them. You’re married, Khloe–hands off our 1D!

On that note, isn’t it almost impossible to believe that One Direction didn’t win their season on X Factor U.K.? It doesn’t seem to matter to anyone–especially not to Simon Cowell, who sat with a satisfied smirk throughout the whole show. We wonder if Demi Lovato was as impressed as he was (especially with Nialler!)

Did you miss One Direction on X Factor? Which One Direction X Factor performance did you like better? Who’s your favorite member of One Direction? What’s your fave One Direction song? Tell us in the comments!

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