Nicole Westbrook Is The New Rebecca Black, Wants You To Know It’s Thanksgiving

nicole westbrook its thanksgiving video

Meet Nicole. She likes turkey. | Source: YouTube

Remember our old friend Rebecca Black and how she taught us about the days of the week in her epic single, “Friday?” Well, get ready to learn more about the scintillating ways we as a society mark the passage of time with a song by newcomer Nicole Westbrook called “It’s Thanksgiving.” Not shockingly, it was written and produced by the same people behind Rebecca Black’s remarkable debut.

I’m not going to diss on Nicole Westbrook here, because honestly she’s adorable and has done nothing wrong–but her parents are crazy for paying to have this song and video produced (do they not remember the ridicule Rebecca suffered after Friday came out?!). Secondly, I’m wondering what this amazing songwriting team will come up with next. Maybe a song called “Lunchtime” that counts down the hours of the day before and after the noon lunch break? They’re getting into sexy territory here!

Watch the video–but please don’t even think about singing into your turkey drumstick this Thanksgiving. It’s just poor form.

What do you think of Nicole Westbrook? Do you think she’s the new Rebecca Black? Do you think it’s weird that she’s so freaking excited about Thanksgiving? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Sierra

    I think this pretty much justifies the reason for a kid’s table 😛

  • Rachel

    Omg I died when she sang with that turkey leg.

  • Alyhedgehog

    Who, just who would write such a bad song, and i bet if she got to choose she definitely wouldn’t chose this. I kind of feel sorry for her because shes adorable, and i bet her voice is actually quite good, but the lyrics and video are absolutely terrible!

  • DaynaMarie

    At least she sounds good and not overly auto-tuned.

  • Maria

    I actually liked it, the food looked delicious 😀

  • Chantelle

    I have so many questions. Where are the parents? Doesn’t she know that Thanksgiving is on the 22nd? What’s up with the random black guy in the video? Why all the hate for Cranberries? Is it because she prefers fresh cranberries? Why would anyone make this? Ugg, why!?!?!?!?

    • Meghan

      I know, the part about how she said the 289th was Thanksgiving bugged me the whole time, and how they had mac and cheese but not yams

  • Nia

    oof. Things are gonna get rough for this little girl. Anyone else notice how scarily similar this song and music video are to Rebecca Black’s? It’s like her parents want this bad press intentionally. But I mean, Rebecca Black did see some success as a result, right? After all the cyber bullying and death threats, of course.

  • Bobbie

    what’s with the hating on the cranberries?!?!?