WHOA. Did Justin Bieber Cheat On Selena Gomez… Or Is This Just Another Prank?

Justin Bieber cheating

Justin with Barbara Palvin after the show – sneaky, sneaky! | Source: Twitter

I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling a little bit heartbroken right now. Why? Because it’s possible that Justin Bieber totally betrayed me… and by me, I mean Selena Gomez, obviously. Due to some seriously shady events that happened at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it looks like the Biebs might have –gasp– cheated on Selena with VS model Barbara Palvin. I seriously hope this isn’t true, because guys, after Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s divorce, I just don’t know if I can handle the breakup of another one of my favorite celebrity couples.

Here’s what went down the other night (or, you know, what I think went down the other night thanks to the help of many different gossip sites, since I wasn’t actually at the VS Fashion Show. It’s fine, I had better things to do… like eat ice cream and hate-watch the Kardashians): Justin performed at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this week, and the next day decided to take in a little viewing of The Lion King on Broadway… and Barbara was probably there with him, because that day, she tweeted, “Lion King <3”. Subtle, guys. Real subtle.

A few hours later, Lil Twist tweeted a photo of himself along with Justin (who was wearing the same clothes he wore to The Lion King), and Barbara was spotted in the background. Selena was all like, “um, what the heck?”, and tweeted out this super cryptic tweet of “……” followed by the pic Lil Twist tweeted. And then Justin’s BFF Alfredo Flores tweeted, “done LMAO” (which he later deleted). And then everyone’s minds were blown and we were like, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

I mean, first of all, The Lion King? Really, Justin? You’re going to maybe, possibly cheat on your girlfriend by bringing a Victoria’s Secret model to see The Lion King in public where anyone can see you? You’re not going to choose, like, Wicked or something that’s actually good?

Evidence? Hmm…. | Source: Twitter

And second of all – is this really happening? Or is this just another Bieber prank that’s going to end in some YouTube video so he can beat One Direction’s views again? Justin is a little trickster, guys. I wouldn’t put it past him. Plus, Selena is a classy lady – I kind of find it hard to believe that she would air her dirty laundry on her Twitter for every media outlet in the world to pounce on.

But at the same time, it’s totally possible that all of that happened and these two are parting ways. Breakups can bring out the worst in the people, and I’ve seen one too many friends fall into the social media trap where you call out your ex for acting like a total douche. And I haven’t seen paparazzi or Instagram pictures of them together for a while. Also? There are a few reports of Justin trying to hit on every model that walked past him at the show.

Even if Justin seems like he’s acting like a total slimeball, I still hope this is all just another weird prank and it’s not really happening. I mean, Justin and Selena are freakin’ cute together. Remember the days when we all got slightly grossed out by their PDA-filled pictures on the beach? Remember those cutesy Instagram pictures that made every Belieber fly into a fit of jealous rage? Can’t we just have those days back? Please?

If Bieber really is playing Selena like this, I’m pretty bummed. Selena is awesome and seems like one of the sweetest celebs ever and obviously doesn’t deserve this.  I mean, I’ve stood by Justin’s side FOREVER, even when my little sister made fun of me for being a fan and my boyfriend said he would stop hanging out with me if I didn’t stop listening to Believe on repeat. This would totally let me down. Not cool, Justin. Not cool.

Do you think Justin cheated on Selena? Would you care if he did? Are you a Justin or Selena fan? Have you ever been cheated on? What was your experience like? Tell me in the comments.


Remember that time Justin pranked us all?

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  • claudia

    for me selena is the best for justin birber because was a good influence to justin selena is simple and beautidul and good attitudes behavior too.

  • honest

    he didnt cheat. its that model who is at fault. i just hate her becuz of her selena is suffering a lot as he loves bieber a lot n JB also is suffering cuz he also loves gomez

  • bieber lover

    JB didn’t cheat on SG .he would never do that 2 her! it’s obvious. maybe that JB and that stupid model r just frnds.

  • true belieber

    i don’t think that JB cheated on SG becuz i know that JB loves selena a lot and he would never do a such thing 2 her

  • jill

    justin is a sleezy scum bag and with a VS model i would believe he did it with her.

  • Khalilah

    No I don’t think justin bieber cheated on Selena Gomez. I’m a Justin bieber and Selena Gomez fan i never been cheated on

  • Maya

    It’s just a prank.

  • musicaltheatregirl

    you’ve obviously never seen the Lion King irl. >:) it’s amazing!!

    (yes this was what I picked up from this entire column…..)

  • DaynaMarie

    Honestly, the thing that hit me most in this article was the dissing of The Lion King. XD I have seen professional productions of both that and Wicked, and I must say The Lion King was WAY better.

    Also, the only reasoning this article has for claiming Justin is cheating with another girl is the fact that he was hanging out with said girl. Just because people are in a relationship they can’t hang out with and have friends of the opposite sex?

    • Adrienne

      Is Lion King better than Wicked? Maybe not. But definitely as good!! I mean seriously, it’s a freaking Disney movie, on BROADWAY. Who cares about Selena and Justin, Lion King is amazing!!

  • Anne

    thy cud just be friends, but the <3 barb tweets, i think def gives it away. poor selena 🙁

  • lisa

    Why ya trashing The Lion King for?