Comments Of The Week: 8 Of Your Most Cringe-Worthy Moments

This week, we noticed that a lot of you guys were commenting with some of your most cringe-worthy experiences. We know all about awkward moments here at Gurl and we love sharing funny, embarrassing stories… that’s why we have hookup confessions and I Can’t Believe He Said That! Laughing at some of the weird/crappy things that happen to you is better then feeling bad about them, so we’re so glad you guys shared! Check out our comments of the week – totally worthy of our hookup confessions section:

From Queefing 101: Did Air Just Come Out Of my Vag?!


From I Can’t Believe He Said That


From I Heard My Parents Doing It And Can’t Get It Out Of My Mind


From Queefing 101: Did Air Just Come Out Of my Vag?!


From My Crush Doesn’t Like Me, How Can I Change His Mind?


From I Can’t Believe He Said That


From What Is PMS? Do You Have It?


From I Can’t Believe He Said That


What were your favorite comments this week? Want to share your most embarrassing moment? What was your favorite out of these 8? Tell me in the comments!


Guess where this girl’s bra snapped open?!

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  1. avatar Emma says:

    Last night I heard my parents having sex and omg it was so disgusting!!!!! I snuck out of bed into the hallway to make sure someone wasn’t dying but it was really them having sex ewww! I grabbed my cat and we sat on my bed waiting for them to stop. I can never look at them the same now ew

  2. avatar grace.alice212 says:

    well i was at my yr 7 christmas disco. i was wearing a REALLY high pair of heels and you know when they spray that foam out, it made all the floor slippy. and i was just dancing and i fell over, straight flat on my bum. luckily i dont think anyone saw me but my friend was just peeing herself laughing!!

  3. avatar Victoria says:

    My crush told me I have the perfect body to him, then tweeted “I like my girls chubby.” …

    • avatar cupcake207 says:

      same thing that a boy named jimmy and steven sai fod but im dateing a boy named jarkis for 2 years he said I should just stick to who I im I think that is sweet

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