A Breast Milk Baby Doll Is A Real Thing – Seriously

Everyone stop what you’re doing and look at this “breast milk baby” doll right now. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a baby doll that you can pretend to breast feed. It even makes sucking and burping noises! No, this isn’t a doll to help new pregnant moms learn how to breast feed before their real baby is born. This is a doll marketed for girls 2-years-old and up. I’m just going to go ahead and say: ICK! Ick, ick, ick!

The doll was created by Berjuan Toys, and was apparently a huge hit over in Europe last year. It comes with a flowered halter top that has basically a fake, flower-shaped nipple on it (imagine if nipples were really shaped like flowers?) that the owner of the doll wears. Once the proud little girl is wearing her fake-nipple halter top, she can put the doll’s mouth to the flower nipple so it can start “drinking” her “breast milk”. Wait, I’m sorry, this is really a thing? Moms are really going to buy this for their very little girls?

Maybe not a ton of moms – a lot of people feel like this doll is too “sexualized” for children. The U.S. rep for Berjuan Toys claims that the baby doll is “very much less sexualized” than Barbies or Bratz dolls.

Not to sound like a jerk, because I know it’s natural and beautiful and all that, but breast feeling alone kind of freaks me out, so adding the image of a little girl doing it just makes me cringe all over. Come on, world! Do 4-year-old girls really need to practice breast feeding right now? Unless they’re auditioning for a role on Teen Mom, I somehow think they have a few years to go before they need to take on these mommy responsibilities.

Yeah, getting comfortable with the idea of a baby sucking milk out of your boobs can be educational (I guess), but starting girls this young is just a little bit ridiculous, don’t you think? I don’t want to look at a 3-year-old pretending to breast feed a baby because I think it’s creepy, plain and simple. I’m all for educating young girls, but as Bill O’Reilly said, can’t we just let kids be kids sometimes? Can’t we just hand them some cute little baby dolls and let them act like mommies in whatever cute, pretend way they want?

If I had a daughter, this doll would definitely not be going anywhere near her… but maybe that’s just me. Watching a grown woman breast feed her child can be uncomfortable enough (if you’re a little squeamish like me) – watching a little kid do it? No thanks.

Do you think this breast feeding baby doll is creepy or a great idea? Would you buy it for your daughter? Do you think it sexualizes children? Tell me in the comments. 


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  • Samantha

    I am ecstatic that someone actually was brave enough to make a doll like this! People in America are so afraid of breastfeeding, yet there are boobs EVERYWHERE! I found it sad that you said that this makes you cringe. Breastfeeding is only beautiful and natural and a doll like this would help take the ick factor out of breastfeeding. Seeing a baby doll with a bottle is “normal” but this means that the world is going down hill? I think that this is a step in the right direction for normalizing breastfeeding in this country and teaching little girls what the right way to feed a baby is.

  • sakurasan99

    who would make such a toy like this like the 2000 generation is bad enough radio music 1D, 1st graders swearing and middle fingers.cellphones in grade 3, 5th graders watching porn and now this.People control your children you are the boss of them tell them what is right or wrong geez

    a concerned 13 year old

  • 4evrmileyfan13

    Seriously, that’s creepy 2 think someone thought of this all on their own! I honestly have NO IDEA how 2 respond 2 this!

  • Lauren

    I think that we live in a society that shuns Breast feeding in public, when it’s really a natural and beautiful thing. Little girls see adults may it be aunts or their own mother and they may be curious about it and I think that’s ok. Talking to them and letting them know whet it is. That’s fine. Pro education. But a doll that does it, is emulating things to the extreme. Generations of girls are having kids too young because its engrained in us at childhood to mother and nurture. And play house and get married.

    – end rant.

  • Turtleshelll

    Come on people, do boobs really freak you out that much? I think it’s good that little girls are learning not to fear something as simple as breastfeeding, every mammle does it! Why do we insist of perverting every part of the female body? Look, sex, breastfeeding, childbirth they don’t have to be as taboo as we make them out to be, if children learned to think of them as these natural,non-taboo,parts of life then maybe we could elimnate the negative connotations and repurcussions of sex. Anyone who is disgusted by it really needs to evaluate why, and get over themselves.

  • Emily

    Oh my god! What IS this world coming to? This is crazy. Who came up with such a creepy idea? This VERY, VERY, VERY, creepy! There’s definitely something wrong here!

    • misssomersetty

      It’s no more creepy than bottle feeding! Bottle feeding is disgusting!

  • anon

    Ewww what is the world coming to? Is there no Committee or something like that that can go against this sort of fatuous, stupid,damned ideas?????God i hate it.arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Lea

    I hope I don’t see seven year old’s holding babies mouth to their flat chest lol they gonna wanna have their own baby after this!

  • misssomersetty

    I kinda disagree! Not in a nasty way though 🙂 I think that it’s better than giving a child a baby doll with a bottle! You never know maybe this could go on to make more future mums breastfeed rather than feed their babies “poison” out of a bottle! I think this could produce a better mindset in mums of the future! I do agree that maybe 2 is a little young 😛 but I still think it’s a good idea. Our toys as children highly affect our adult lives, and I think the affect of this toy would definitely be positive! I don’t mean to rant but one more point. This could also make people grow up more used to the idea of breast feeding and make them less uncomfortable about seeing women naturally feeding their babies out and about 🙂 xxxxx

  • J

    That’s scary. That’s all I can say.

  • Rose

    I highly agree, feeding and changing baby dolls are enough! Just let the children pretend to be mommies and daddys however they want to!