Average Girl Appeal: Guys Prefer Average Girls To Hot Girls!

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Average girls are more appealing than hot girls–but what makes an average girl average anyway? And who cares?! | Source: ShutterStock

You may think hot girls have all the luck, but guys may disagree. Studies show that guys actually like the average girl better than her “hot” counterpart. Say what?

Apparently, average girls make guys less nervous–and the old adage, “it’s what inside that counts?” That holds true too. Speed dating research says that a “spark” was rated as more important than looks in terms of attractiveness, and that personality pretty much trumped everything. Basically, guys don’t necessarily prefer “average girls” to “hot girls.” They just, deep down, like nice girls.

One guy explained it like this when a researcher told him his girlfriend was hot: “I wish everyone would stop telling me how hot she is. I don’t want to be with the hottest girl in the room. It’s not me. I just wanted the nice girl.” Fair enough, but keep in mind–he probably wouldn’t have known she was “the nice girl” if he didn’t think she was cute enough to approach in the first place, right?

In any case, here’s what guys want: Being comfortable with your figure (they dig curvy chicks, too), being well-groomed (just shower, please), good listeners, and girls who are trustworthy, laugh at their jokes, and let them take care of you.

So what should you do to win over the guy you like? For the love of Zayn Malik, just be you and don’t be a jerk. That’s it. Seriously. “Hot girls” and “average girls” are subjective and everyone’s taste in physical attributes is different, and that’s not what matters. Just be yourself, be good to yourself and others, and do what makes you happy. Any guy worth is salt will know there’s no such thing as “average girls” or “hot girls.” There are only amazing girls, like you, and he’d be lucky to have you–not the other way around.

Do you think guys really prefer average girls to hot girls? What do you think constitutes the “average girl?” Do you prefer average guys to hot guys? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Randy

    From a guys point of view trust is the most important thing. Yeah there has to be a physical attraction but once past that intiatial draw guys will immediately forget why we are attracted and move on to what’s really inpotant

  • twilightluvr510

    everyone tells me im pretty but im not popular at all and im very nice… if guys like nice girls then how come no guys like me? are they intimidated that im pretty? i also get good grades…

  • alyssa

    for the love of zayn malik!!!!

  • Talia

    “Girls who are trustworthy, laugh at their jokes, and let them take care of you.”

    Very well said (;